Apr 04, 2023
Recently, the NOx ultra-low emission SCR denitrification catalyst of the second line cement rotary kiln of Beijing GTC North Water Environmental Protection produced by Yuanchen Technology was loaded.

North Water Environmental Protection Company cement kiln co-disposal of hazardous waste project is the earliest construction in China, the most comprehensive type of similar kiln disposal of hazardous waste, disposal capacity of the largest cement kiln co-disposal of hazardous waste project, each year to undertake more than half of the waste disposal tasks in Beijing. Disposal of 28 types of hazardous waste, the capacity of 100,000 tons / year, cement kiln blending solid waste production line of the flue gas due to the characteristics of large changes in working conditions, high dust concentration, high alkali metal or heavy metal content, oxygen content fluctuations, etc., has been part of the cement industry flue gas denitrification management of the problem.

The high temperature and high dust process route is chosen for this project. Yuanchen Technology specially develops super strong wear resistant alkali metal poisoning denitrification catalyst for the characteristics of cement kiln co-disposal flue gas, which has excellent denitrification performance in high dust and high alkali metal content fly ash flue gas and prolongs service life.

Yuanchen Technology keeps close contact with Sinosteel Tiancheng, the general contractor, and GTC North Water, the user, and has conducted many technical exchanges and on-site working condition data collection, and has been keeping control at all levels from design, production, quality control and transportation to provide customers with precise design and high quality products.

With this project as the starting point, Yuanchen Technology will continue to develop and innovate, overcome difficulties in complex and difficult working conditions, and create more high-quality projects for customers with peace of mind and peace of mind, and realize low ammonia consumption, low resistance and long life effect of wear resistance through product upgrading while achieving energy saving and consumption reduction for customers, so as to help China's cement industry achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

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