Common faults and treatment solutions of dust filter bag

May 28, 2021

Industrial dust collector is a kind of air pollution control equipment used in factories, workshops, warehouses and other industrial or commercial environments to meet the safety requirements of the environment and workplaces. However, improper use will also cause certain failures of the dust collector. For the common failures of the dust filter bag and their treatment methods, I will introduce to you one by one:

1. The filter bag is clogged Cause


(1) Air leakage or low flue gas temperature will cause condensation, pipe leakage, and wet bags will cause dust to adhere.

(2) The filtering speed is too high, the dust is too fine or too coarse, the dust is sticky, and the filter bag is not cleaned properly.

(3) The spray cleaning time and cycle are too short.


(1) The dust collector is insulated or heated, rainproof and windproof.

(2) Before pre-collecting dust and spray, please reduce the filtering speed and control the amount of cooling spray water.

(3) Adjust the blowing pressure.

2. The filter bag burns Cause


(1) High-temperature particulate matter or charged dust discharge sparks flowing in with the flue gas will burn the filter bag into small holes or gaps in the branches and cause dust leakage.

(2) The dead corner of the dust collector or the dust in the ash hopper will ignite spontaneously, causing part or the entire box-type filter bag to burn.


(1) Set up fire extinguishing devices to prevent open flames from directly entering the dust collector.

(2) Reduce the dead angle of the dust collector and discharge the ash in time, regularly remove the ash in the dead angle of the dust collector, and leave part of the ash sealed to prevent air leakage.

3. Corrosion of filter bag Cause

Analysis: Corrosion and damage of other chemicals (such as acids or alkalis) manifests itself as local or overall brittleness, reduced strength or ulcers.


(1). Detect and control the change of smoke composition.

(2). Mechanical damage to the filter bag

Cause Analysis:

(1) The surface of the frame is rough, and there are obvious welding marks at the friction and puncture points.

(2) Improper storage, transportation and installation.

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