Dust filter bag quotation process

Jan 12, 2022
Dust filter bag quotation process, if you choose a custom solution, be aware that choosing a supplier and a specific department does change the quotation process by adding time and complexity to the overall process.

The quoting process for dust collection bag systems is more collaborative and back-and-forth than traditional quoting processes, and for good reason. If you're not used to ordering dust handling systems, designing a custom solution can mean relying more on the supplier's experience and engineering support than on standard products. However, if you are an experienced "dust designer" and know which product is right for your application, you may have less chance of going back and forth than a customer who installed his or her first few systems , and more systems can be specified.

A custom system quote must define various aspects of the equipment such as the type of dust/gas to be filtered, airflow patterns, space constraints, energy consumption and compliance/performance, and enclosure accessories. This can be a lengthy list because all customizations need to be specified:

If custom dusting filter bags are to be made, be sure to include elements "outside" of the dust collection system in the quote. These usually include pipes, ductwork, fume hoods or pickups. For these components, custom quotes may specify work with supplemental suppliers or subcontractors, so the final system must include the source of these subsystems in a way that ensures compatibility with the core dust collector or scrubber.

Also, remember to consider the overall lifetime performance requirements of the system. For detailed, complex or highly specialized setups, maintenance and operating costs may vary when comparing standard versus custom. For example, special filter media may be more expensive, or the cost of compressed air and energy consumption may vary.

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