The dust removal effect of the dust collector is poor, is the filter bag selected correctly?

Aug 06, 2021

The dust filter bag is the core component of the bag filter, which directly affects the use effect of the bag filter. Take the cement industry as an example, dust collectors often have air duct wear, blockage or dust collection; the air pressure of the fan in the dust collection system is not enough, resulting in a decrease in the efficiency of the equipment; the resistance of the dust collector is high, reaching 2000Pa~3000Pa; The dust concentration is high; the filter bag is partially damaged and blocked by condensation; the service life of the filter bag is short, the bag is changed frequently, and the operation rate of the dust collector is low. How to choose the dust removal filter bag correctly to ensure the dust removal effect?

In the cement industry, due to the inconsistent characteristics of the dust-containing gas produced by different processes, the selection of filter bags should be selected according to the specific process flow. For example, the dusty gas discharged from high temperature, kiln tail and kiln head, the gas temperature is as high as 350 ℃, the gas must be cooled before using the bag filter; the temperature and humidity generated by the granular kiln and dryer are relatively high. The temperature of the higher dust-containing gas changes at any time, and the humidity is kept above 20%; the dust-containing gas generated in the coal mill is flammable and explosive. When passing through the dust collector, take measures to prevent combustion and explosion.

The workload of the cement industry is huge. The dust collector is in high-efficiency operation every day, and the filter bag must be replaced from time to time. Therefore, the economic performance of the filter bag should be considered: (1) Temperature conditions: high temperature, medium temperature, normal temperature; (2) Stripping Good performance, strong air permeability, easy dust removal, low resistance; (3) Strong filtering effect, especially in the case of high concentration, the filtering effect is as high as 99.99% or more; (4) High strength, can meet high-intensity cleaning conditions , And long service life.

Conventional filter bags only need to consider gas dust concentration, temperature, dust fineness, water content, emission requirements and strength, etc., but in some processes, the gas also contains acidic substances, alkaline substances and other chemical gases, so it is still The chemical stability of the material of the filter bag and the post-treatment process need to be considered.

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