What are the characteristics of pleated bags?

Jul 08, 2021

(1)Pleated Filter bags with the same diameter can increase the filter area

According to the needs of the system and the existing design, the pleated filter bag is installed and operated the same as a round (elliptical) bag, and no special structural adjustment is required. The multi-pleated structure of the filter bag itself makes the filter area larger than that of the ordinary round (elliptical) cloth bag. It is more than doubled, and the increased multiples are shown in Table 1 below; if the filter area of the filter material is the same. The volume of the dust collector can be reduced by 40% to 50%. If the volume of the dust collector does not change, the length of the bag will be shortened, so that the dust has enough space to settle, optimize the operation of the system, and greatly reduce the amount of compressed air and air compressors. The load of the pulse valve, the load of the fan are greatly reduced, and the energy consumption of the system is significantly reduced.

Table 1 Multiples of increase in area of pleated filter bags with different diameters


Increase the multiple of the area







(2) Special structure filter cage

The pleated filter bag supporting filter cage completely eliminates the horizontal support ring, increases the longitudinal support area and is more rationally distributed, and greatly reduces the possibility of fatigue damage to the filter bag at the contact point. And it completely avoids the instantaneous strong tension expansion of the positive pressure of the high-pressure pulse injection on the filter material and the subsequent impact on the filter cage, which greatly reduces the fatigue damage and the instantaneous dust emission of the injection. At the same time, the matching filter cages also suitable for round (ellipse) bags of corresponding size.any interest,you can refer to https://www.yuanchenfilter.com/industrial-dust-collector-polyester-pleated-fillter-bag_p34.html

(3) It is suitable for the transformation of the existing dust collector to increase the processing air volume

When the output of the production host increases, the air volume increases. The existing dust collector must increase the filtering area. The normal production of the host can be guaranteed, as long as the original circular filter bag is replaced with a concave-convex folding filter bag. It can increase the filtration area by 80% to 100%.

(4) The space in the filter bag is small, which is conducive to dust removal

The space in the filter bag is about 40% of the space in the circular filter bag.

(5) Long service life

Under the same air-cloth ratio operating conditions, the cleaning interval is greatly extended, the operating pressure difference is reduced, so the bag life is longer, the emissions are significantly reduced, and the energy consumption (fan and compressor) is reduced.

(6) From the economic point of view,with more expensive price.Any more details you wannna to know,pls do not hesitate to check https://www.yuanchenfilter.com/industrial-dust-collector-polyester-pleated-fillter-bag_p34.html

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