What kind of dust removal bag is suitable for thermal power plants?

Apr 25, 2022

Industrial Dust Collector Filter Bags

The important pollutants of thermal power plants are sulfur dioxide and dust, and sulfur dioxide is emitted by almost all power plants because sulfur is contained in coal fuel. Sulfur dioxide irritates the respiratory tract and also seems to be irritating to the cornea. Low concentrations cause respiratory discomfort, high concentrations can be fatal. On the one hand, thermal power generation consumes a lot of resources, and more importantly, coal and oil combustion chambers generate a large amount of carbon dioxide and soot, which will cause serious pollution to the natural environment. Therefore, dust removal and desulfurization must be done well for thermal power plants.

For the working conditions of thermal power generation, the thermal power plant we consider needs to be suitable for some high temperature resistant and flame retardant dust removal filter materials. And it can be said that the long-term high temperature resistant material can be used, and the dust bag itself can have strong chemical properties and corrosion resistance. The dust removal effect of the cloth bag is high. Therefore, we recommend that the dust cloth bag with P84 filter material is more suitable. The P84 dust bag has a three-lobed section. The increase of the surface area of the single fiber makes it effectively capture particles belonging to the non-thermoplastic fiber, and the abrasion ability of the glass fiber by pulse cleaning is relatively strong. It can replace glass fiber under the working conditions that require wear resistance.
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