Yuanchen Technology: Composition and classification of dust filter bags

May 06, 2022

With the development of environmental science and the progress of human civilization, the research of high-temperature bag materials, from the previous cotton bags or wool filter bags to the use of high-performance chemical fiber filter media, glass fiber filter media, etc., its development of new-type bags can work stably in a variety of high-temperature environment, for the development of bag filter equipment has played a vital role. Here follow me to understand the content of dust filter bags.

Dust Collector Filter Bag

I. dust filter bag composition.
The filter bag is the core component of the cloth bag dust collector dust removal. The filter bag is composed of the bag body sewn by the filter material and the auxiliary role of support, clamps, hanging chains, anti-deflated ring and other accessories. The filter bag and its accessories of external filter bag filter are composed of venturi, frame, bag mouth elastic ring, etc. The filter bags and accessories of internal filter bag filter mainly include anti-deflate ring, bag mouth rope and bag cap, clamps, hanging device etc. which are sewn together with filter bags.
II. dust filter bag classification.
(1) according to the cross-sectional shape classification.
A. round filter bag, filter bags for the cylinder, round bags are divided into long bags and short bags according to different lengths.
B. flat filter bag, which includes rectangular and trapezoidal.
C. shaped filter bag, filter bags of special shapes..
(2) according to the direction of the filter bag filter gas classification.
A. external filtration, the dust surface on the outside of the filter bag, dusty air flow from the outside of the filter bag to the inside of the filter bag, the dust layer gathered on the outside surface of the filter bag. The external filter type includes round bags and flat bags.
B. Inner filtration, the dust surface in the inner side of the filter bag, dust-containing airflow from the inside of the filter bag to the outside of the bag, the dust layer gathered in the inner surface of the bag. The inner filter type is generally a round bag.
The above is some content about the dust filter bag, I hope it can help you!

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