2021 Xinzhan High-tech Zone 5th Labor and Skills Competition and Yuanchen Technology "Catalyst Assembly Skills Competition" kicked off

Nov 05, 2021

All laborers, as long as they are willing to learn, work hard, practice their true skills, and master good skills, they can grow into talents based on their positions, and they can discover a vast world in their work, reflect their value and show their demeanor in their work.

On October 23, Yuanchen Technology launched a catalyst assembly skills competition, aiming to promote the spirit of labor, model labor and craftsmanship, continuously improve the skill level of employees, enhance the construction of the workforce, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees to love their jobs and work, and create a " A strong atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up and surpassing".

Competition is not the goal, training is the core. During the activity, all the contestants were full of energy and fighting spirit: preparing wooden pallets, placing large boards, installing supports and baffles, screw reinforcement, placing gaskets, assembling monomers, laying ceramic fiber blankets, and installing covers And the side board... the whole process is smooth and flowing, demonstrating the unity and hard work of the employees, striving for first-class service style and spiritual outlook. They exchanged discussions on the field, not only verified their own skill level, but also found their own shortcomings more clearly, clarified the direction of their efforts, and stimulated the enthusiasm and initiative of learning.

During the competition, the referees scored according to the essentials of each player's actual operation, scored according to the assembly quality and time, and commented, directed and corrected on the spot.

In the end, Li Yin came to the fore and won the first place, Han Mingshi and Niu Chao won the second place, and Li Zhengping, Wang Chaosheng, and Li Kongxue won the third place.

This employee skill competition is not only a platform for showing personal style, but also an opportunity for employees to check and fill vacancies. It plays an important role in building a "professional" team. While affirming the results of the competition, Wang Zhongtian, the chief executive of the Environmental Business Department, asked the majority of employees to use this competition as an opportunity to learn the spirit of model workers and labor, pursue dreams with passion, inherit the spirit of craftsmanship, and create quality with ingenuity.

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