Advantages and Disadvantages of Dust Filter Bag

Feb 14, 2022
The advantages of dust filter bag

The dust removal efficiency is high, generally reaching 99.99% and above. The dust concentration is low, generally below 50mg/m3, or even below 10mg/m3.

Features of dust collector bag for baghouse

It has strong adaptability to dust, and can capture high specific resistance dust and coal dust with high SiOZ+AID3 content, low sulfur and high ash content in dust, and is not sensitive to the physical and chemical properties of dust. The dust concentration at the inlet is within a considerable variation range, and has little effect on the dust removal efficiency and resistance. The structure is relatively simple, the area is small, and the one-time investment is low. Cooperate with dry and semi-dry desulfurization systems, it has a certain desulfurization effect. The service life of the dust bag can reach 30,000 hours.

Disadvantages of dust collection filter bag

The filter material of the dust cloth filter bag is sensitive to the properties of smoke and dust, such as temperature, humidity, acid dew point, oxygen content, etc. Although there are dust bags with a temperature resistance of 170-190 ℃, they must be equipped with cooling measures. The lower net takes the PPs dust filter bag as an example to show the relationship between the oxygen content of the flue gas, the temperature of the flue gas and the service life. It shows that in the case of ensuring the service life of the dust bag, the higher the oxygen content of the flue gas, the lower the temperature used by the dust bag, because for every 10°C increase, the chemical reaction doubles. That is to say, in the case of the original life of 4 years, if the temperature increases by 100C, its life will only be 2 years. Due to the high cost of dust removal bags, the operation and maintenance costs are high. The pressure loss of the equipment system is relatively large, generally 1500-2000Pa. Improper combustion control during boiler operation will directly affect the service life of the dust collector bag.

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