Anhui Ecological Environmental Protection Association organized the 2021 outstanding member unit selection and commendation activity, and Yuanchen Technology was on the list

Mar 10, 2022

Recently, Anhui Ecological and Environmental Protection Association organized and launched the 2021 outstanding member unit selection and commendation activity. Yuanchen Technology won the title of "energy saving and environmental protection industry development" outstanding contribution enterprise in the 2021 outstanding member unit selection.

It is understood that the 2021 outstanding member unit selection and commendation activity of Anhui Ecological Environmental Protection Association is a social evaluation of member companies by social organizations. The participating companies will practice the concept of green and low-carbon development in 2021 and achieve pollution reduction and reduction. Advanced models of carbon synergy, there are also companies that have outstanding performance in the development of new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industries.

The selection is made by member units voluntarily declaration, preliminary review, and authoritative experts organized by the organizer to conduct a comprehensive score based on indicators such as enterprise operation, environmental protection investment, enterprise credit status, scientific research investment, and invention patents. In addition, according to the requirements of the selection method, the organizers of the selection results will give priority to the industry authorities to recommend, and for the application of the results such as bidding, the results also have a high reference value.

This selection is a recognition of Yuanchen's scientific and technological work and a spur to the enterprise. In the next step, Yuanchen Technology must cherish the honor and make persistent efforts to promote the whole industry to work hard and persistently, closely follow the national dual-carbon strategy, and take the integration mechanism of "production, learning, research and application" as the starting point to further increase its advantages Investment, strengthen the integration of internal and external resources, continue to increase investment in scientific research, constantly update advanced environmental protection technology and equipment, strive to improve the independent innovation, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities of enterprises, and focus on promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional two high-tech industries, for the construction of ecological civilization Contribute more power to Beautiful China!

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