At what temperature do denitrification catalysts operate well?

May 17, 2022

The working temperature range of denitrification catalyst is 320--360℃. The core of SCR denitrification technology is the denitrification catalyst. Currently, there are three main types of catalysts used in industry, namely honeycomb, flat plate and corrugated plate, all of which must operate stably under certain temperature conditions. The common temperature in power plants is 300~426C, which is too low for the catalyst to react with NH3, and too high for it to sinter and become less active or even scrap.

SCR Honeycomb Catalysts

There are two main reasons why conventional denitrification catalysts cannot operate at low temperatures: 1) the temperature is too low to achieve the reaction conditions and the catalyst is ineffective; 2) the catalyst activity decreases under low temperature conditions. The application of low temperature SCR denitrification catalysts becomes more difficult than the above 2 points.

Denitrification catalyst is the core part of SCR technology, which determines the denitrification efficiency and economy of SCR system, and its construction cost accounts for more than 20% of the flue gas denitrification project cost, and the operation cost accounts for more than 30%. In recent years, developed countries such as the US, Japan and Germany have continuously invested a lot of human, material and financial resources in research and development of high efficiency and low cost flue gas denitrification catalysts, paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights in the process of catalyst patent technology, technology transfer and production licensing.

The initial denitrification catalysts were metal-based catalysts such as Pt-Rh and Pt, with monolithic ceramics such as alumina as the carrier, which had the characteristics of higher activity and lower reaction temperature, but the expensive price limited their application in power plants.


With the continuous research and development of technicians, Yuanchen Technology has designed and developed medium and low temperature denitrification catalysts with stable and reliable denitrification performance in the range of 160-380°C, achieving low temperature and high activity.


The technology has won the national science and technology achievement certificate, Anhui Province new products and other awards; the products are widely used in domestic steel sintering machines, coking, white ash kilns.

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