Common faults and cause analysis of the bag filter-the resistance increases beyond the normal value, and the resistance cannot be reduced after the dust removal operation

Aug 20, 2021

Cause Analysis:

(1) Pouch paste phenomenon occurs.

(2) The ash cleaning device fails, and there is no ash cleaning effect.

(3) The cleaning effect is not good.

(4) The filtration rate is too high.


(1) When handling paste bag filter bags, use oil-proof, anti-static, and waterproof filter cloth, and adopt heat preservation measures to avoid condensation and cause paste bags. It is also possible to develop a special treatment powder spraying the surface of the filter bag to form a very thin filter cake on the surface to make the porosity more uniform and small; special processing such as calendering or sintering on the surface of the filter cloth can also achieve the same purpose.

(2) Check and repair the dust removal device and deal with faults.

(3) Reduce the cleaning cycle, increase the injection time; increase the injection pressure.

(4) Find the cause, deal with it, check for air leakage, and plug the leak.

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