Filter selection monitoring

Aug 27, 2021

The core of the bag filter is the dust filter bag. The efficiency of the filter bag is related to the level of emission. The resistance of the filter bag affects the energy consumption of the system, and the life of the filter bag affects the reliability of the system, that is, the trouble-free operation time.

The efficiency, resistance and life of the filter material are directly related to the performance and quality of the filter material itself, and are also inseparable from the operation. Only by effectively and rigorously controlling the performance, quality and operation of the filter material itself can the technical and economic performance of bag dust removal be fully improved. This article introduces the practices of some power plants.

dust filter bag

1. When purchasing, it is clearly stated that the technical requirements for filter bags and filter materials should meet the relevant filter material requirements in the national standard GB/T 6719-2008 bag filter technical requirements.

The manufacture of filter media is a complicated process, and every detail of the process affects the technical content and product quality of the product. The equipment level, technology level, and management level of filter material production in various domestic filter media companies are not the same, the level of products is also completely different, and the stability of products also changes from time to time. Under this condition, low-level products that fail to meet international requirements can be rejected.

2. Optimizing the filter material production plant during the bidding process. In the bidding process, the bid filter bag samples are sent to a professional testing agency for testing, and the test results are used as the basis for evaluating whether the technical standards are shortlisted, to ensure that the excellent products get high scores and are selected; the filter bags that the winning company will make After arriving at the factory, according to the sampling method, appropriate amount of filter bags will be sampled and spot-checked again to check the quality stability and reliability of the products produced by the filter materials. This kind of procedure should be the basic procedure of enterprise procurement, but it is often ignored by some enterprises, and some enterprises have suffered huge losses as a result. As everyone knows, if the product quality is grasped first in the bidding and procurement, how much economic benefits will be added in the future, and how much trouble will be reduced in the future management work.

3. Regularly monitor and evaluate the operation of the running filter bag. The method is to regularly extract 1 to 2 filter bags each year after the polyester filter bag is in operation, and send them to a professional testing organization, which will conduct a series of tests on the filter bags, and pass the series of tests to evaluate the current status of the filter bags and propose relevant constructions. To improve the operating effect of the bag filter, and to predict the life of the filter bag. Under the guidance of this kind of advice, companies can orderly arrange production plans, make a series of arrangements for replacing filter bags in advance, and reduce or avoid a series of problems such as illegal and super-emission caused by temporary failure of filter bags. Unprepared temporary machine replacement of the bag is usually easy to cause the filter bag manufacturer to be unable to select the filter bag manufacturer. The manufacturer is prone to quality problems due to temporary production arrangements, and the operation of replacing the filter bag on site is often rough. This series of shortcomings will often cause the filter bag life to be greatly reduced later, and even some companies have to check and replace the filter bag every or two months.

Companies that use bag filters, through regular monitoring and evaluation of filter bags, can enable relevant personnel to understand and grasp the characteristics of filter bags in bag dust removal and the process and law of failure gradual changes as soon as possible, so that the bag filter system can operate scientifically to achieve The purpose of energy saving and emission reduction.

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