How to identify the chemical composition of fibers by burning?

Jan 24, 2022
Principle: Combustion method is one of the common methods to identify fibers. It uses different chemical compositions of fibers and different combustion characteristics to distinguish the types of fibers.

  Method: Take a small bundle of fibers to be identified, hold them with tweezers, slowly move close to the flame of the alcohol lamp, carefully observe the burning state of the fibers approaching the flame, in the flame, and after leaving the flame, the odor emitted when burning, and the burning The characteristics of the back ashes are compared with the fiber burning characteristics table to roughly identify which type of fibers belong to.

  Scope of application: The combustion method is suitable for pure spinning products, not for blended products, or fibers and textiles that have undergone fire-resistant, fire-resistant and other finishing.

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