Semi-dry special dust filter bag for industry use

Feb 08, 2022
Glass kiln dust removal is currently a popular industry in the industry. The kiln flue gas is relatively complex and needs to meet the dust emission standard of the glass industry <30mg/m3. The semi-dry desulfurization dust removal bag developed by our company is a good solution to this complex work. condition.

Glass kiln dust removal filter bag features:
1) Consideration of strength: 150 grams of PTFE reinforced base cloth is selected for the base cloth weight, instead of the ordinary 120 grams, to improve the service life of the filter material;
2) Consideration of corrosion resistance: PTFE, commonly known as the king of plastics, has strong corrosion resistance;
3) Consideration of oxidation and corrosion resistance: PTFE filter material is completely unaffected by oxidation;

4) On the basis of high-quality water repellent, the PTFE glass kiln dust filter bag in our factory increases the ratio of water repellent and PTFE emulsion to improve the waterproof level of the filter material and avoid the phenomenon of sticking bags in a humid environment.

The semi-dry desulfurization technology is to set a desulfurization system at the front end of the bag filter, which has three effects on the working conditions of the dust collector:

(1) After semi-dry desulfurization, sulfur dioxide reacts with the absorbent to form dry calcium sulfate or calcium sulfite, and the S content in the bag area of the dust collector is reduced;

(2) Because the semi-dry desulfurization is sprayed in the tower, the moisture content of the flue gas increases;

(3) A large amount of circulating ash returns to the absorption tower, and then enters the dust collector, which makes the dust collector have a large load;

The high-efficiency and low-resistance lamination technology developed by Yuanchen Technology uses the self-developed fine spray finishing liquid to be atomized and evenly dispersed on the surface of the filter material, and then subjected to high-temperature setting, curing, lamination and lamination to make a high-efficiency and low-resistance lamination. filter material.

1) It can achieve high-efficiency and low-resistance filtration effect, and overcome the shortcomings of traditional filter material rubber-coated products, such as low composite strength, easy film release, short life, poor air permeability, and inappropriate ash cleaning;

2) Achieved a new technological breakthrough in the world's first million-unit dust collector with an export volume of less than 5mg/Nm3, filling the international gap and setting a new benchmark for dust removal industry technology.

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