DeNOx SCR Catalyst Market Report 2023 (Global Edition)

Jun 25, 2023

As per Cognitive Market Research's latest published report, the Global DeNOx SCR Catalyst market size will be USD 37,115.40 Million by the end of 2029. DeNOx SCR Catalyst Industry's Compound Annual Growth Rate will be 10.55% from 2023-2030

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North America DeNOx SCR Catalyst market size is projected to USD 7,058.61 Million by 2029.

DeNOx SCR Catalyst Market, Application segment Analysis

  • SCR Catalysts for Automotive

The SCR Catalysts for Automotive segment revenue will be USD 12,091.20 Million by 2029. Based Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a cutting-edge active emissions control system that decreases nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from contemporary diesel cars and equipment to near-zero levels. The SCR system is made up of many components that are bundled along with other components of the emissions control system.

  • SCR Catalysts for Power Plants

The selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system eliminates nitrogen oxides (NOx) from flue gas generated by power plant boilers and other combustion sources. It is used as the catalyst which is a critical component of this power plant system. DeNOx/SCR systems are utilized in a variety of power plants, including gas-fired, oil-fired, coal-fired, biomass-fired, and others.

  • SCR Catalysts for Cement Plants

In the cement kiln, low temperature selective catalytic reduction is being employed for deep NOx reduction. It is also employed in cement facilities with significant baseline ammonia and/or SO2 emissions. In these facilities, SCR catalyst is used to avoid visible plums, dew point corrosion, and Ammonium Bisulphate deposits in filters/on fans.

  • SCR Catalysts for Refinery Plants

In refineries, such as chemical refineries, SCR catalyst is employed. Its refinery uses include Fired Heaters for steam reforming natural gas to create hydrogen, gas regeneration from fluid catalyst crackers, process heaters for cokers, reformers, alkylation units, and so on, steam boilers, and co-generation units, among others.

  • SCR Catalysts for Steel Plants

SCR catalyst is used in steel sintering industry for NOx emission control. As there are several laws are regulated on hourly average of NOx emission concentration of sintering machine, SCR is used in steel plants. This plant uses selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology for the flue gas denitrification in the steel industry.

  • SCR Catalysts for Mining and Smelting

The mining and smelting industry emit NOx to the atmosphere. The mining explosives also can emit NOx which cause several environmental impacts. Hence SCR catalyst is utilized in mining and smelting industry which can prevent NOx emission and protect the environment.

  • SCR Catalysts for Polymers and Plastics

The advancement of sciences and technologies for environmental protection, such as plastic waste control and combustion emission control increases the demand for DeNOx SCR Catalyst

DeNOx SCR Catalyst Market Share

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