Do you know what the electrostatic electret composite filter material looks like?

Apr 09, 2022

As early as the early 20th century, scientists used statistics to analyze the relationship between the diameter and quantity of dust in industrial areas: for dust with a diameter of ≤3um in the atmosphere, it only accounted for 30% of the total weight of dust, but the quantity accounted for 99.9%. When ordinary filter materials filter dust, they mainly rely on mechanical blocking such as Brownian motion, interception, inertial collision, and gravity sedimentation.

Yuanchen Technology advocates innovation, adheres to the principles of high efficiency, low resistance and low carbon, focuses on market demand, makes full use of the company's product development capabilities, and uses advanced corona-nano grafting and cross-linking technology to independently develop e-dust fluorine green. Electret filter.

At present, the electret composite filter material of Yuanchen Technology is mainly prepared by corona discharge method. The functional nano-tourmaline hybrid emulsion independently developed by Yuanchen Technology makes its nanoparticles cross-linked to the filter material through the "physical"-"chemical" effect. After the surface of the fiber, corona electret treatment is performed to form a high-efficiency and low-resistance filter material. Compared with the traditional dipping or blade coating process, Yuanchen Technology's nanoparticle treatment technology has stronger adhesion to the fiber surface, uniform charge density everywhere, and good depth consistency of charge burial, which is more conducive to the improvement and extension of filtration performance. life cycle.

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