Dust filter bag selection——FGL bags(2/2)

Nov 17, 2022

Glass fiber dust bag material material, glass fiber has different chemical composition to ensure the physical and chemical properties of glass fiber products and meet the requirements of the glass fiber production process. At present, the chemical composition of domestic and foreign glass fibers can be divided into two categories: a class of aluminum borosilicate glass fibers, known abroad as E-glass; another class is soda calcium silicate glass fiber, equivalent to foreign C-glass. In the physical and chemical analysis, the glass fiber in alkali metal oxide (RO) content of less than 0.5% known as alkali-free glass fiber, alkali metal oxide (R2O) content of 0.5% to 12% for the alkali glass fiber, alkali metal oxide (R2O) content of more than 12% for the high alkali glass fiber.

At present, the domestic use of alkali-free 12.5tex glass fibre yarn and medium alkali 22.5tex glass fibre yarn to produce glass fibre dust bag material. In practice, the non-alkali glass fibre dust bag material has more advantages than the medium alkali glass fibre dust bag material in terms of temperature resistance and durability.

Glass fibre dust bag material performance

Glass fibre dust bag material is heat resistant and can be used at temperatures from 260 to 280, which not only saves the flue gas cooling costs of the bag filter but also reduces the risk of condensation. 280°C, the temperature limit, is more than sufficient to eliminate condensation failures in all industries today. This not only creates the conditions for preventing corrosion of the baghouse and reducing the cost of equipment materials, but also avoids the failure of rising system resistance due to condensation on the surface of the filter media. After special surface treatment of glass fibre dust bag material with soft, lubricating, hydrophobic and other properties, so that the dust is easy to peel off, its dust cleaning performance than other filter media superior, only with the reverse blowing air way, can fully achieve the purpose of dust cleaning.

Glass fiber dust bag material in the chemical erosion resistance, in addition to fluorine acid, strong acid, strong alkali, in addition to other media are very stable, even in the strong acid, strong alkali flue gas, the impact on its service life is also very small. From the actual measurement, carbon black flue gas concentration of SO (250 ~ 300) × 10-5, hydrogen sulfide concentration of 300 × 10- when the filter bag life can be maintained 2 ~ 3 years. In recent years, the glass fibre produced with special ingredients, after special surface treatment of glass fibre filter media, in the concentration of hydrogen fluoride 300 ~ 400) × 10- flue gas, can still be used safely.

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