Filter Bag Production Process

Jan 20, 2022

     Bag head sewing → high speed machine sewing bag body → bag bottom sewing → inspection → packing → boxing

    At present, our company adopts the Swedish imported ETON hanging system, which can deliver the products to the exact operation position of each process, enhance the production efficiency, and at the same time can accurately ensure the product process quality and reduce the product defective rate.

In the field of filter media technology, we have stronger technical strength and the ability to research and develop new products than other competitors in the same industry, we have international advanced filter media testing and research equipment, currently we are not only able to evaluate the basic indicators in the needle punched felt conventional performance testing, but also to conduct comprehensive application analysis on the pore size distribution, appearance and shape of the filter fabric and the dynamic simulation of the filter cloth resistance and life span. We can make a comprehensive evaluation of each performance from the process to the use of the product.

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