Give full play to the leading role of innovation and promote the rapid development of enterprises-Xinzhan High-tech Zone Federation of Trade Unions awarded Yuanchen Technology Zhou Guanchen Blue Colla

Mar 11, 2021

In order to further promote the spirit of model workers and craftsmen, give full play to the role of model workers and mobilize the labor enthusiasm and innovation vitality of the majority of employees. On the afternoon of February 19th, Zhang Zhuqing, vice chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Xinzhan High-tech Zone, led a team to Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. to award the "Zhou Guanchen Blue Collar Innovation Studio" which was standardized at the municipal level.

Zhang Zhuqing conducted a field visit to Zhou Guanchen’s blue-collar innovation studio, listened to the introduction of the innovation studio’s operation, learned in detail about the innovation studio’s organizational structure, rules and regulations, work objectives, innovation results, etc., and the innovation results achieved by the innovation studio The patent project is fully affirmed. It is hoped that the blue-collar innovation studio will give full play to the role of “passing and leading”, centering on technological innovation, product innovation and management innovation, and earnestly exerting its own professional expertise and technical advantages, and driving a group of innovative and technical talents to help the enterprise speed up Contribute to development.

Zhou Guanchen’s Blue Collar Innovation Studio was founded in May 2020 and is composed of 13 members from Yuanchen Science and Technology Innovation Research Institute and Project R&D Center. It mainly carries out technological innovation activities around themes such as cost reduction, energy saving and emission reduction, technological transformation, and safe production. In the past two years, it has successively obtained 4 international PCT patent applications, 33 authorized invention patents, 31 authorized utility models, the second prize of Anhui Science and Technology Award for Key Technology Research and Industrialization of Industrial Exhaust Gas Denitration, and the "115" Industrial Innovation Team of Anhui Province , Anhui Province Science and Technology Major Projects and many other honors.

In the next step, the Federation of Trade Unions of Xinzhan High-tech Zone will continue to increase the establishment of municipal-level standardized model workers and blue-collar innovation studios, provide good services in policy guidance, hardware construction, and financial support, and actively serve the region’s strategic emerging industries. Leading companies build platforms for innovation and communication, vigorously carry out various innovation and profit-making activities such as technological innovation, management innovation, and service innovation, give full play to the role of model workers in the new era, promote the cultivation and training of outstanding innovative teams, and build model workers and blue-collar innovation studios It is a base for employee innovation, skills training, and a base for promoting the spirit of model workers.
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