How to make the dust filter bag last longer?

Apr 27, 2022

We all know that dust removal bags have their own service life and cycle. If we want to use dust removal bags for a long time, we need to do a few essential aspects:

dust removal bags

1. Be sure to buy high-quality dust removal bag products. Of course, different dust removal bag products will be determined according to different working conditions. We must be able to find manufacturers specializing in dust removal bags to make good quality cloth bags, and at the same time meet our working conditions. If necessary, such a filter cloth bag will take a relatively long time.

2. If the dust removal bag is blocked in operation, clean it up in time. Increase the frequency of cleaning the surface of the dust bag, and clean it in time when there is dust accumulation, which can greatly improve the dust removal efficiency of the dust filter bag.

3. The correct installation of dust removal bags can achieve efficient dust removal. The shape, installation method and mechanism of the bag filter bag are also easily damaged, so be careful during installation.
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