Hundreds of virtues and filial piety are the first to warm the Double Ninth Festival-Yuanchen Technology enters the Jinzhu Nursing Home

Oct 22, 2021

On the Double Ninth Festival every year, the sunset is red. In order to celebrate the annual Double Ninth Festival, vigorously promote the Chinese nation’s traditional virtues of respecting and respecting the elderly, and further create a good social atmosphere of respecting, loving and helping the elderly, on October 14, Yuanchen Science and Technology Party Branch and Thirty Head Community Civilization The Office organized a voluntary service activity with the theme of "Love the Nursing Home and Sending Warmth to Chongyang" at the Centralized Support Service Center of Jinzhu Nursing Home in Anhui.

Before the start of the event, "The Communist Party worked hard for the nation, and the Communist Party was dedicated to saving China..." The song "There would be no New China without the Communist Party" kicked off the event with a collective singing of 21 elderly people. The whole event consisted of 5 wonderful people. In the series, representatives of Yuanchen Technology Party members sang songs such as "Father" and "Mom's Kiss" for the elderly, and interacted with the elderly to sing revolutionary songs.

After the performance, party members and volunteers sent festive blessings and cares to the elderly, and gave pre-customized cotton shoes, radios, bread and other gifts to the five-guarantee elderly in the community, so that the elderly have more happiness And sense of gain.

The successful holding of the Double Ninth Festival has created a harmonious and strong festival atmosphere. It is also to further care for the physical and mental health of the elderly, so that the elderly in the nursing home can realize their worth and life as soon as possible. Happy.

In the future, Yuanchen Technology will continue to take the initiative to assume more social responsibilities, care and care for the health and life of disadvantaged groups, carry out various forms of voluntary service activities, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the whole society while the company becomes bigger and stronger.

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