Love for the nursing home for the Dragon Boat Festival warms the hearts of the people - Yuanchen Technology Party Branch Enters Zhuxiang Town Nursing Home

Jun 29, 2021

Love in the Dragon Boat Festival, love in my heart. Respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Yuanchen Technology Party Branch came to the Zhuxiang Town Nursing Home to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival with the elderly in advance, and send the elderly people the blessings and care of the festival.

The fragrant glutinous rice dumplings, healthy and comfortable shoes, TV sets and other holiday condolences carry the deep affection of Yuanchen Technology Party Branch. The members of the branch enthusiastically talked with the elderly, asked about their lives and physical conditions, understood their needs, and instructed the elderly to take care of preventing heatstroke and cooling in summer, usually pay attention to nutritional balance, and chew slowly. The old people smiled and took the hand of the branch members to express their gratitude.

But the sunset is infinitely good, so why be melancholy near dusk. Caring for the elderly is self-cultivation, culture, and emotional nourishment. At the condolences scene, the old people performed impromptu performances for everyone, and the atmosphere of the whole scene was cheerful and relaxed. "It's so happy to have you chatting with you this Dragon Boat Festival! We all remember your goodness!" An old man said emotionally while chatting.

For a long time, Yuanchen Technology has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities while developing rapidly. It has successively funded poor students in Jiayuguan, Zhuxiang Home for the Elderly in Changfeng County, Chunya Disabled Relief Center, etc., and has actively implemented the "Hundred Enterprises" of the Hefei Federation of Industry and Commerce. “Helping Hundred Villages” called for targeted poverty alleviation to subsidize many poor families in Zhenbei Village, Zhuxiang Town, Changfeng. At the same time, during the epidemic, it actively expanded production and donated epidemic prevention materials to all sectors of society. In the future, companies will assume greater and more social responsibilities and continue to contribute to the world's environmental friendliness and human health.

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