Paste Bag Filter Bags Phenomenon

Sep 02, 2021

"Paste Bag Filter Bags" means that during the long-term operation or outage of the dust-removing cloth bag, in the working conditions with high humidity or oily substances contacting the filter material, the dust is condensed, adhered or condensed on the filter surface of the dust-removing cloth bag or inside the filter material. The shell cannot be effectively removed by the online dust removal system, resulting in a phenomenon that the operating resistance is greatly increased. It mainly includes condensation paste bag filter bags, cohesive paste bag filter bags and structural paste bag filter bags.

dust-removing cloth bag

Condensation paste bag filter bag mainly refers to liquid water will be formed when the operating temperature is lower than the dew point. The liquid water and dust will mix and gather on the surface of the filter bag to form a paste bag. The adhesive paste bag is mainly due to the relatively high adhesion of dust, which adheres to the surface of the fiber, and the online dust removal system cannot remove it. Structural paste bags refer to all paste bags caused by dust collector design and related component structure and improper operation. Either way, to solve the problem of "sticking bag", it is necessary to analyze the working conditions of flue gas, dust collector, filter material, operation control and other related factors, so as to understand the real inducing factors of the sticking bag, so as to avoid and solve the problem.

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