Signing with KPMG, Yuanchen Technology's international development strategy is steadily advancing

Nov 25, 2021

On November 23, the KPMG Strategic Consulting Launch Conference of Yuanchen Technology was held in the School of Business. Ms. Dai Yangyang, partner of KPMG Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KPMG), Mr. Cai Renjun, project manager, and their team; Mr. Xu Hui, chairman of Yuanchen Technology, Ms. Liang Yan, general manager, and middle and senior management of the company attended the kick-off meeting.

Mr. Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, warmly welcomed the arrival of the KPMG team and expressed ardent expectations for the cooperation between the team and the company. He said: Yuanchen Technology is the third batch of "specialized, special and new" little giants of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with a bright future and a glorious mission. In this uncertain era, to become a listed company with an international perspective, you must have a clear goal and hurry up to make up lessons. In the next step, Yuanchen Technology will continue to focus on the "3060" dual-carbon goal. While closely following the national policy requirements, consolidating and upgrading the traditional main business, it will tap the company's business opportunities in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and shareholder resources, and actively explore market prospects. Huge emerging industries with high added value. While promoting the company’s new business development, Yuanchen Technology will increase in-depth cooperation with KPMG’s professional institutions in terms of industry profile analysis, new industry sector analysis, strategic opportunity screening, goals and benefits, and high-level development paths, and jointly explore China How to construct an international strategic development plan and even implement the topic for private enterprises.

Ms. Liang Yan, the general manager of Yuanchen Technology, said that if a company wants to lead, it must be ten steps or more ahead of its peers when positioning itself. Especially when companies are in a period of rapid development on the way to capital, they must have a clear channel to follow the trend and take advantage of the situation. At each stage, there are changes in different needs, and at the same time of rapid development, there must be a clear and definite strategic direction. The in-depth cooperation with KPMG's professional institutions this time is not only a new starting point for the two parties to join forces for a win-win situation, but also a private enterprise to find the right direction, concentrate on, and create brilliance together, and take an important step in the international development strategy. A powerful attempt. It is hoped that with the help of KPMG's professional advantages and strategic research, it will provide support and guidance for exploring new business growth points in the next five years, and also provide a package of resource docking, policy interpretation, project planning, and landing services for private enterprises to implement the "going out" strategy. Professional intellectual services will further promote the concept of green and circular development, and help private enterprises achieve high-quality and rapid development.

Ms. Dai Yangyang, a partner of KPMG, introduced the project background, goals and project team. On behalf of the team, she thanked Yuanchen Technology for its trust, and expressed appreciation for Yuanchen Technology's rapid development in recent years, its global vision and in-depth advancement of the industrial layout, and also highly recognized Yuanchen Technology's future development prospects. Said that KPMG is very willing to provide enterprises with professional, continuous and diversified services during the rapid development of Yuanchen Technology, and promote the implementation of corporate strategies. It is also confident that through the in-depth collaboration of the two parties, it is also confident that the new business development and development of Chinese private enterprises Towards an international strategy to make a fruitful contribution.

Under the common witness of the two teams, Mr. Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, and Ms. Dai Yangyang, a partner of KPMG, jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties stated that the next step is to work together to deepen mutual understanding and trust, build regular work communication mechanisms, refine specific work promotion plans, and innovate cooperation content and models to advance together for a win-win future!

KPMG was founded in 1897 and is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It is a professional service organization with a global network and one of the four major international accounting firms. Mainly dedicated to assisting domestic and foreign customers to explore business opportunities, improve performance, control risks, and increase the value of shareholders and stakeholders. It can provide diversified professional services, assist customers in achieving business goals and meet challenges, and help customers strengthen their corporate reporting systems, raise funds, increase corporate value, maintain good performance, and formulate business structures.
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