Technical Performance of Bag Filter

Oct 25, 2021

The technical performance of the bag filter is mainly reflected in the processing air volume, outlet dust concentration, equipment resistance and the service life of the filter bag.

 pulse bag filter

(1)Processing air volume The low-pressure pulse bag filter can process dust with a larger air volume, thereby reducing the filtering area, miniaturizing the equipment and saving investment. In the case of satisfying the dust removal object, the appropriate filter wind speed can be determined according to the dust removal method, the nature of the dust, and the material of the filter bag.

(2)Dust concentration at the outlet Low-pressure pulse bag filter has high dust removal efficiency, and the dust concentration at the outlet can fully meet the national emission standards, even below 10mg/m3.

(3)Equipment resistance The resistance of the dust collectorΔP is proportional to the power of the fan, which is an indicator directly related to the energy consumption of the fan, and involves the operating cost of the dust removal system. The resistance of the dust collector is related to many factors such as the structure of the device, the type of filter material, the nature of the dust, the method of dust removal, the filtering wind speed, the gas temperature, and the humidity.

(4)The service life of the filter bag.

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