The filter bags are clogged, how to solve it?

Jun 28, 2022

dust collector filter bags

I What are the causes of dust bag clogging

When the bag filter bag is blocked, the resistance of the bag increases, which can be shown by the increase in the reading of the differential pressure meter. Clogging of filter bag is the main factor that causes the bag filter bag of cloth dust collector to wear, perforate and fall off, etc. The main causes of dust collector filter bag clogging are

(1) Improper installation of dust collector filter bags.

(2) air leakage of dust collector equipment.

(3) dust collector equipment blowing cleaning strength is too small.

(4) the internal temperature difference of the dust collector equipment is too large, resulting in condensation.

(5) The filter bag of dust collector is broken and cannot work normally.

II The solution for the blockage of filter bag of cloth bag dust collector is

(1) Check whether the dust collector filter bag is installed correctly.

(2) Check whether the dust collector equipment is running normally.

(3) Temporarily strengthen the dust cleaning to eliminate the blockage of dust collector filter bags.

(4) Partial or complete replacement of dust collector filter bags.

(5) Adjust the dust collector installation and operation conditions.

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