The first research team of Hefei Women's Federation went to Yuanchen Technology for research and guidance

Aug 26, 2021

In order to implement the normalized and institutionalized work requirements of the municipal party committee’s “not forgetting the original mission, keeping in mind the mission and setting an example to be in the forefront”, on August 17, the party secretary and chairman of the Municipal Women’s Federation, Xuan Liling, led the first research team to Yuanchen Technology Carry out visits and surveys.

The research team came to Yuanchen Technology to visit the corporate culture exhibition hall, the party-building cultural wall of "Five Hearts and Create Green Development Together", and the environmental testing laboratory of the wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui Kangfeier Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and watched the company Promo.

Then the investigation team came to the Yuanchen Technology New Material Production Base to learn more about the company's development history, main research directions, application of scientific and technological achievements and the organization of the Women's Federation, and visited the filter material production line and analysis and testing center on the spot.

At the symposium, Xuan Liling had an in-depth exchange with Liang Yan, the general manager of Yuanchen Technology. The participants in the symposium spoke freely, and put forward their opinions on the establishment of corporate exchange platforms, the introduction of high-end talents, the recommendation of outstanding women, the establishment of women’s federations, and how to carry out activities. Suggest.

Xuan Liling said that Yuanchen Technology is an excellent enterprise with sentiments, ideas and accomplishments, and is at the forefront of environmental protection. The future is promising and promising. It is hoped that while grasping development, enterprises will do a good job of ideological guidance, unity and cohesion, and do a good job in party building and group organization building.

General Manager Liang Yan is grateful for the good times and business environment now encountered, and said that the company will continue to uphold the spirit of hard work, actively respond to the call, and drive the company's high-quality development with technological innovation.

Xuan Liling emphasized that women's federations at all levels should take the initiative to help enterprises and women entrepreneurs solve the urgent and worrying problems in development, build a platform for technological innovation enterprises, and provide policy support and precise services for women entrepreneurs' innovation and creation. , Create a good innovation ecological environment, and contribute women's wisdom and strength to Hefei's technological innovation and development.

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