The funtion of the size of the cell plate

Mar 11, 2022
The size of the flower plate is the key to determining the structure and size of the pulse bag filter. The round holes on the flower plate are used to fix the filter bag. If the center distance of the holes is too small, the cross-sectional wind speed in the filter will be too high, and the resistance will increase. It is difficult for dust to settle when cleaning dust; it may also cause friction between dust filter bags and shorten the service life of diffuser bags. On the contrary, if the center distance is too large, it will increase the volume of the dust collector and cost more steel. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably determine the size of the center distance of the filter bag.

In addition to bearing the weight of the filter bag and the bag cage, the flower plate also bears the gas pressure in the dust collector, so it must have sufficient rigidity. If there is a slight modification, it may affect the sealing effect between the filter bag and the hole of the flower plate. The thickness of the steel plate of the flower plate is generally 4~6mm, which mainly depends on the number of filter bags of the dust collector suspended in the filter room. In order to increase the rigidity of the flower plate, reinforcing ribs should be added on the flower plate. The appearance of the flower plate should be smooth and clean, and there should be no warping or uneven unevenness. The deviation of the flatness should not be greater than 2/1000 of the length of the flower plate. Holes should be punched or plasma cut, and gas cutting is not allowed. The tolerance of the hole diameter d of the filter bag flower plate fixed with the elastic expansion ring is .
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