The happy news that Yuanchen Technology has won the bid is here again!

Feb 06, 2023

At the beginning of the new year, Yuanchen Technology harvested 2 big projects in one day!

After winning the project of Everbright Group and Guangzhou Environment Investment Yongxing Group, we have won the filter cage and filter bag procurement project of Hanlan Environment, which opens a new journey of Yuanchen Technology in solid waste field!

The successful bid for the 2023 Honeycomb Catalyst Procurement Project (2*600MW) of China Resources Power (Xilinguole) Co., Ltd, which was won in the previous replacement cycle, is another bid for the project. Yuanchen Technology will continue to take advantage of the application of anti-arsenic catalysts in arsenic-containing flue gas to solve the problem of arsenic poisoning and provide better quality products and the most hardcore service to CRH.

The "winning" of the two projects is not only the need of the company's strategic development, but also the customer's recognition of the brand and service of Yuanchen Technology. In the next work, the team of Yuanchen will continue to maintain the vigorous spirit of hard work, with a sense of mission of heavy responsibility, a sense of duty of success, and a sense of urgency, to ride on the momentum, overcome difficulties, and ensure the completion of the year's goals and tasks.

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