Wanergy Hefei Power Generation Co., Ltd. went to Yuanchen Technology to carry out party building exchange activities

Aug 22, 2022

On August 17, Li Jianhe, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wanergy Hefei Power Co., Ltd. came to Yuanchen Technology to carry out party building exchange activities, learn from each other's special highlights and experience and practices in party building work, promote the deep integration of party building and operation management, develop together with business work, continuously improve the quality and capability of party building work and achieve high-quality development of the enterprise.

Chairman Li Jianhe and his party visited the enterprise party building culture exhibition hall and wholly-owned subsidiaries Anhui Confair Testing Technology Co., Ltd. to learn more about the company's development history, party building culture, business model, technology research and development and honors and qualifications, and had a discussion.

At the symposium, Ms. Liang Yan, the general manager, said that in recent years, Yuanchen Technology has deeply implemented the requirements of provincial and municipal leaders on promoting the two-way integration of party building and business work, with the working idea of "grasping party building around development, grasping party building to promote development", scientifically and systematically summarized and refined the unique Yuanchen characteristic " Five Hearts with One Direction" party building characteristic brand, with the party building "red engine" to lead the development of the enterprise's green business, by creating "the first heart to lead", "craftsmanship wisdom "ambition", "ambition to expand the industry", "cohesion", "benevolence and love" and other projects, the construction of a brave to overcome difficulties, to rise to the challenge of the Party members, continuously promote ideological and political leadership, talent team building, comprehensive strict governance of the Party, and help social welfare, etc., to enhance the organizational power, development power, service power, cohesion and influence of the enterprise.

Li Jianhe, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Wanergy Hefei Power Co., Ltd., said that the study and exchange is not only a trip to exchange and learn from each other's experience, but also a mutually beneficial sharing and win-win move. The small drops and subtleties are enough to show the party building spirit of Yuanchen Technology Party Branch in solidly promoting party building work, digging deeper into the development potential and deeply integrating development. We hope to take this party building as an opportunity to further promote two-way innovation and development of party building and business through party building, business interconnection and exchange and learning, so as to achieve common strong party building and win-win development.

Through on-site learning and exchange, we have achieved the good purpose of learning and learning from each other. Next, Yuanchen Technology will also fully learn from the results of this experience exchange, continuously deepen multi-disciplinary cooperation, lead high-quality development with high-quality party building, strive to build a new pattern of "Party-Building +" work with resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual promotion, and lay a solid foundation for promoting the sustainable and healthy development of enterprise production and operation.

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