What kind of denitration catalyst is suitable for ironmaking plants?

Apr 25, 2022
Honeycomb SCR DeNOx Catalyst

The main raw materials for iron and steel production include iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, limestone, refractory clay, dolomite, siderite and other minerals and their finished ore, man-made lump ore, ferroalloy, coal washing, coke, gas and coal chemical industry products, refractory products, carbon products, etc. In the production process, iron and steel enterprises not only need to invest a lot of material resources and energy resources, but also discharge a lot of waste: waste water, waste gas and solid waste. These wastes are harmful to the environment and pose a threat to human health. Therefore, we need to purchase suitable denitration catalysts for iron smelting plants after treatment. So what kind of denitration catalyst is suitable for ironworks? The choice of catalyst needs to be comprehensively judged according to different industry conditions, working conditions, etc., and finally the denitration catalyst is customized.

For example, we must first analyze what the pollution emitted by this iron smelting plant mainly contains. Our denitration catalyst is mainly denitrification, but we also need to understand the metal elements, sulfur content and the proportion of other substances contained in the emissions. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the temperature of the working condition, the type of fuel, the type of the kiln, the amount of flue gas under the working condition, the denitration operating temperature, the NOx concentration at the denitration inlet (mg/Nm3, the reference oxygen %O2), the denitration inlet SO2 concentration (mg/Nm3), Denitrification inlet dust concentration (mg/Nm3), denitration inlet moisture content (%), denitration outlet NOx concentration (mg/Nm3, reference oxygen %O2), ammonia escape requirements (ppm) and other data are analyzed, and then calculated What kind of denitration catalyst is suitable for selection, and then customized.

Therefore, the more accurate the calculation parameters we need to give when purchasing denitration catalysts, the better, the more accurate the matching and customized denitration catalysts are, and the more the catalysts produced can meet the actual needs of our working conditions.
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