With ingenuity and original intention, Zhou Guanchen won the title of

Dec 20, 2021

A hundred years of ingenuity, the original intention is the same. On December 15, the "Hefei Craftsman" commendation event sponsored by the Hefei Municipal Government was grandly held in the Municipal Affairs Conference Center. Mayor Luo Yunfeng presented awards to the 10 "Hefei Craftsmen" honorees and encouraged them to carry forward the spirit of model workers, inherit the spirit of craftsmen, and forge the high-quality development of Hefei with ingenuity. Zhou Guanchen, chief engineer of Yuanchen New Materials Division, won the title of "Hefei Craftsman".

Luo Yunfeng expressed his warm congratulations to the winners of this year's "Hefei Craftsman" honorary title. He pointed out that the winners, as outstanding representatives of the city’s employees and industry leaders, have used their ingenuity to achieve their original intentions, demonstrated "extraordinary pursuit" and created "extraordinary achievements" in "ordinary positions", vividly interpreting persistence, dedication, excellence, meticulousness, and pursuit. Excellent craftsman spirit. Standing on the new journey of fully embarking on the modernization drive, I hope that skilled craftsmen from all walks of life in the city will listen to and follow the party, and thoroughly practice General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, labor and craftsmanship, and actively adapt to the new era. In the new situation and new tasks, we must build a firm foundation for belief, strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve "two safeguards." We must establish a new style, build new achievements, maintain the drive to work hard, the aggressiveness to strive for the first, the tenacity to overcome difficulties, and strive to be the pioneer of innovation. It is necessary to pass on and train newcomers, strive to be exemplary and lead more "craftsmen" to stand on their posts, and let innovation and creation flourish in Hefei. We must promote righteousness and spirit, vigorously promote the advanced deeds of "Hefei craftsmen", cultivate craftsman culture, extol the craftsman spirit, and let advocating craftsmanship become a new fashion, and jointly forge the high-quality development of Hefei with ingenuity.

Liang Yan, general manager of Yuanchen Technology, made a speech on behalf of the artisan enterprises. First of all, she thanked the Hefei Municipal Government and Hefei Federation of Trade Unions for their care and care for enterprises and front-line employees. The "Hefei Craftsman" selection event has been held for two consecutive years, which has established a clear talent orientation, and has created a powerful craftsman brand for the company. Both employees and employees provide a platform for self-expression.

She said that since its establishment, Yuanchen Technology has been insisting on innovation-driven development, attaching great importance to the training of scientific and technological talents and team, established Yuanchen Institute of Science and Technology Innovation and established a post-doctoral research station.
Character profile: Zhou Guanchen, male, Han nationality, member of the Communist Party of China, chief technical engineer of the new materials division of Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Xinzhan High-tech Zone. Has been engaged in the selection of flue gas dust filter materials and product development in power plants, cement plants, waste incineration plants, steel plants and other industries. Relying on "persistence, focus, excellence, meticulous, and pursuit of excellence", in the past seven years, he has transformed from an ignorant technician when he entered the job to a unique technical chief engineer. Facing the "blockers" on the journey of technological innovation, he always kept in mind his identity as a party member, holding on to the tenacity, drilling and cruelty of "holding on the green hills and not letting go", daring to face difficulties, bravely taking responsibility, and overcoming obstacles, giving full play to " "Craftsman spirit", "model worker spirit" and the exemplary role of party members, leading the team to obtain honors one after another: undertook more than ten major national projects, obtained 11 authorized invention patents, 15 authorized utility model patents, and published academic papers in domestic core journals 13 papers, 8 provincial-level new products were obtained, and 12 standards were formulated. He won the third prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award twice (2015, 2017); the title of "Top Ten Craftsmen in New Station"; won the second prize of Anhui Science and Technology Progress Award in 2019; the May Fourth Movement of the Communist Youth League Committee in Xinzhan District "Find Third prize of "The Most Beautiful Youth Back View"; won the honorary title of "Luzhou Talent"; 2017-2020 was named Yuanchen Talent by the company for four consecutive years.

In 2020, Hefei established the "Zhou Guanchen Blue Collar Innovation Studio" named after him in the company. The innovation studio relies on projects, focuses on the key difficulties of the company’s production, operation and management, takes the urgent problems to be solved by the enterprise as the breakthrough point, and focuses on technological innovation, product innovation, management innovation, cultivating innovative talents, solving practical problems, and improving employee innovation Competence and corporate competition are the main goals. The extensive mass technology exchanges, technological breakthroughs, technological transformation, technological collaboration, technological inventions, and mentorship and apprenticeship activities have made innovation studios an "accelerator" that promotes technological progress. "", the "big school" that cultivates skilled talents, the "engine" that stimulates employees to innovate and create benefits, and the "gas station" that maintains and develops the advanced nature of model workers and promotes the growth and progress of employees.

The quality of workers is crucial to the development of a country and a nation. At present, our country has entered a new stage of development, building a high-quality labor force, building a technological power, and promoting high-quality economic and social development. Whether it is traditional manufacturing or emerging industries, industrial economy or digital economy, craftsmen are always an important force in industrial development. The craftsman spirit has always been an important spiritual source for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the craftsman spirit must be vigorously inherited and promoted.

In the future, Yuanchen Technology will continue to attach importance to the spirit of craftsmanship, practice the spirit of craftsmanship, cultivate more craftsman talents, manufacture more "artisan products", and contribute its own strength to Hefei's economic and social development!

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