Xiao Fluorine Green— Introduction of Yuanchen Technology Dust Removal and Denitrification Integrated Filter Material

Mar 31, 2022

Under the increasingly stringent emission standards, systems without denitration treatment or with only SNCR denitration treatment are facing the problem of excessive NOx emission, and it is necessary to carry out ultra-low emission transformation. However, the equipment cost, site cost, and operation and maintenance cost increased by ultra-low emission transformation make most owners distressed. Under this background, Yuanchen Technology's integrated filter material for fluorine green dust removal and denitrification came into being.

Yuanchen Technology's fluorine green-dust removal and denitration integrated filter material is based on the dust removal filter material, which is grown, filled, and added with SCR denitration catalyst, so that it not only has the function of filtering dust particles, but also has denitration catalytic function, that is, at the same time. It has the function of removing particulate matter and NOx.

Xiao Fluorine Green Dust Removal and Denitrification Integrated filter media integrates fiber modification, filter media processing, filter media post-treatment, catalyst preparation, in-situ growth, gel loading and other methods, and successfully realizes the SCR denitration catalyst on filter media fibers. In situ loading and interstitial filling between fiber pores.

The activity of fluorine green ∙ dust removal and denitrification integrated filter material can reach more than 90% at 180~200 ℃. Due to its excellent denitration activity, the integrated filter material of fluorine green and dust removal and denitration can not only be applied to the dust collector at the back end of the SNCR process, but also can replace the SCR denitration catalyst of other processes. The integrated filter bag for dust removal and denitrification can be designed into a variety of structures such as single-layer, double-layer, single-layer film, and double-layer membrane.

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