Yuanchen Aids Nanjing Steel's Carbon Neutrality With Coke Oven Overhaul

Feb 20, 2023
Yuanchen Technology has won the bid for the coke oven desulfurisation and denitrification overhaul project of Nanjing Jinjiang Metallurgical Furnace Co., Ltd. The main service provision is to replace, supply and cooperate on the installation and commissioning of SCR denitrification catalysts for 3 coke ovens at the client's plant. 

As a best practice energy efficiency benchmark demonstration site for "Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality", Nanjing Steel has made outstanding contributions towards improving the competitiveness of Chinese steel enterprises. The overhaul project is of great significance in reducing the concentration of nitrogen oxides in coke oven exhaust gas and decreasing coke oven flue gas pollution, thereby enabling Nanjing Steel to achieve its "Carbon Peak & Carbon Neutrality" targets. 

Yuanchen customer: Nanjing Jinjiang Metallurgical Furnace Co., Ltd. plant picture

Nanjing Jinjiang Metallurgical Furnace Co., Ltd.  

Going forward, Yuanchen Technology will continue close cooperation with Nanjing Steel, promoting the green and low-carbon development of Nanjing Steel through green technology innovation, and assisting with "Green Nangang, Smart Nangang, Harmonious Nangang, Excellent Nangang.
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