Yuanchen News | Experts Take Party Classes, Party History Enters

Nov 10, 2021

Touch history and look to the future. A century-old party, full of vigor and prosperity. On the afternoon of November 2, Yuanchen Technology invited Comrade Mao Zhiwei, the deputy chief engineer of the Design Institute of Hefei Cement Research Institute and a professor-level senior engineer, to give all party members a lively session with the title of "Learning Party History" The special party class enables all party members to deeply study and understand the formation, development and essence of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists. Comrade Liang Yan, General Manager and Party Branch Secretary of Yuanchen Technology, Mr. Feng Xiaobing, Chairman and General Manager of Boqing Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Comrade Wang Daoping, Assistant to General Manager and Party Branch Secretary, and Comrade Huang Maohua, Secretary of Party Branch of Jinlv Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. , And all party members and veterans of Yuanchen Technology participated in the lecture.

The special party class focuses on the four aspects of "the great significance of carrying out party history study and education", "the background of the early days of the founding of the party", "not forgetting the original aspiration and revisiting the party history", and "the innovative development of the integration of Marxism and China". The spiritual pedigree formed by the Chinese Communists in the course of a century of struggle, from the three aspects of the sinicization of Marxism, the great spirit of the Chinese nation, and the revolutionary spirit of the Chinese nation, tells the source of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists; from the period of the new democratic revolution The four stages of the socialist revolution and construction period, the period of reform and opening up and the socialist modernization construction, and the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics summarized the construction and continuity of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists; from the organic unity of the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists, The essence and essence of the essence and the essence of the three levels analyze the essence and essence of the Chinese Communists' spiritual pedigree.

At the same time, Professor Mao further explained how the current private enterprises can inherit and carry forward the spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists, allowing all party members to deeply understand the unique style and wisdom of the Chinese Communist Party from weak to strong and from small to large. From the centuries-year history of the development of the Communist Party of China, we have seen the glorious course of the rise of the country.

Comrade Liang Yan, secretary of the party branch of Yuanchen Science and Technology, pointed out that this party class is not only a "timely rain", but also an "accelerator." She emphasized that the rich and profound spiritual pedigree of the Chinese Communists requires people to learn and comprehend, and more importantly, they need to be inherited and carried forward. Sixteen years of ups and downs, just like classmates are still young. For a long time, the development of Yuanchen Technology has been based on the perception of the great power of thought from the struggle of the party, absorbing spiritual nourishment and driving force, and leading the company to move forward.

We insist on taking party building as the starting point, and strive to cultivate the “Five Hearts in the Same Direction” brand of party building, centering on the four core modules of “leading, nurturing, cohesive, and serving”, giving full play to the cohesion of the party organization, and finely cultivating “red blood cells”. The training model continuously stimulates the endogenous motivation of party building in non-public enterprises, so that party building is alive, party organizations are strengthened, and party members and cadres are mobilized, and the learning results are effectively transformed into the driving force for the reform and development of enterprises. Thinking, doing practical things, opening a new game" to promote the high-quality development of the enterprise!

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