Yuanchen's New Filtration Products Recognized as Domestic Leading Level

Sep 01, 2023

Recently, two new products were independently developed by Anhui Yuanchen. These products were well received by experts at the Anhui Provincial New Product Appraisal Conference organized by Hefei Municipal Government.

Two Innovative Filtration Products Developed by YuanChen


The two independently developed new products are: "YC-XCL-850 - Waste Incineration Filtration Material" and "YC-XCL-580 - Gradient Meltblown-Spunbond Composite Filtration Material". After assessment and evaluation, both new products have reached the "Domestic Leading" level in China.


Yuanchen Experts at Appraisal Conference


Mao Zhiwei, a technical expert from YuanChen Academy of Scientific and Technological Innovation, attended the conference. Some internal staff from YuanChen also attended the conference.


The experts thoroughly reviewed the product information. They assessed the details and applications of the products. After rigorous examination, the experts reached a unanimous conclusion. The "YC-XCL-850" has advantages.  Specifically, this "Waste Incineration Filtration Material" has advantages like high filtration efficiency, low resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. It also shows innovative feasibility in overcoming technical difficulties in high temperature environments.


The "YC-XCL-580" has advantages. This is a "Gradient Meltblown-Spunbond Composite Filtration Material". It has advantages such as low energy consumption, high filtration accuracy, bag design structure that facilitates dust cleaning, and long service life of filter bags. This product is suitable for industrial flue gas dust removal applications in the thermal power industry. Its ability to collect fine dust has also reached the domestic leading level in China.


With the concept of facilitating customer operation, YuanChen has developed technologies. This is based on filtration material characteristics. The characteristics are highly efficient filtration, low resistance environment, and longer service life. This development combines the technical specifications required for customers' specific projects.


Through long-term theoretical research and combining extensive scientific experimental data, YuanChen has successfully developed gradient meltblown-spunbond ultra-clean composite filter materials. These materials adopt a composite process of high-density graded spunbond technology, which not only promotes tight bonding between the ultra-fine dense layer and spunbond structure, but also forms a three-dimensional porous structure on the material surface with high filtration accuracy, reducing damage to the base fabric during bag processing.

Traditional filters use three-layer structure. This forms tight filter through spunbonding. New ultra-fine gradient filter adopts graded density. Surface layer is ultra-fine dense fibers. Dust-side layer is filled fibers. Middle layer is strong base fabric. Inner layer is coarse pores. Gradient structure is better for filter cake. It intercepts dust with fine surface fibers. Special "horn" structure carries particles in air flow. This technology improves efficiency and reduces resistance.

Cross-section of the internal structure of the filter medium

Broad Application Prospects

This asymmetrical gradient filter material has a filtration efficiency of 99.998% and residual resistance of 102.3Pa. The filter has advantageous characteristics for filtering ultra-fine dust particles, including concentrated pore size distribution, large porosity, high density, and small pore size. It transforms traditional "depth filtration" to "surface-like filtration", greatly improving the quality of flue gas emissions and has broad application prospects.


The experts attending this appraisal conference include: Wang Guozhong(Materials Scientist from Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences - national level);Yang Jianjun(Professor from Anhui University - provincial level);Liu Jin(Professor from Anhui Jianzhu University - provincial level);Jin Jie(Professor from Hefei University - provincial level);Zhang Wenqiu (Senior Engineer from Anhui Academy of Quality and Standardization - provincial level)


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