Yuanchen Technology: Analysis of the excellent performance of PTFE dust filter bags

Apr 26, 2023
Dust filter bags play an important role in modern industrial development and are widely used in atmospheric dust environmental protection processes in the food, chemical, biomass power, and pharmaceutical industries. PTFE dust filter bags are gradually becoming familiar to process personnel because of their excellent performance under certain harsh operating conditions. Below we analyze the excellent performance of PTFE dust filter media from several angles.

High temperature resistance: PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fiber is today's excellent chemical performance, anti-hydrolysis, anti-oxidation ability of the fiber. PTFE has excellent high and low temperature performance, melting point 327 ℃, instant temperature resistance can reach 300 ℃; PTFE fiber also has good filtration efficiency and ash cleaning performance, good flame retardancy, low resistance, long service life, but the price is expensive.

Material performance: PTFE needle punching felt dust bag is a filter material made by needle punching PTFE fiber + PTFE scrim cloth. The bags have strong temperature, wear, corrosion and chemical resistance, high filtration efficiency, low operating resistance and long service life, and are widely used in various harsh flue gas filtration environments such as steel, electric power and waste incineration.

Production process: no other raw materials and additives can be added to the filter media in the production process, and the needle-punched felt and PTFE microporous film are laminated together through a special process of thermal lamination, with a smooth surface, high dust stripping strength, easy ash cleaning, and a filtration efficiency of 99.99%. It is widely used in electric power, waste incineration, municipal waste dust collection, chemical dust removal and other harsh working conditions.

Material recovery: In the material recovery process with price, PTFE filter bag also has excellent performance, because of its stable macromolecular structure fiber, chemical and material performance is extremely stable, can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, precious metals industry in the material recovery process.

Medical waste incineration: waste treatment incineration facilities discharge gas containing dust NOX, SOX, HCL, CO and dioxins and other components, the emission of these substances the country has also developed some corresponding standards and regulations to limit the emission of substances emission standards. For waste incineration industrial and mining flue gas composition, we in the selection of dust bag material mainly consider the following factors: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, etc.. In addition, because the flue gas humidity of waste incineration power generation is relatively large, the ability to resist hydrolysis is also a necessary condition that must be considered in the selection of filter media material.

Lithium new energy industry: lithium new energy industry is a newly emerging domestic industry, because its requirements for the production process of impurities are quite strict, while the material is more valuable, PTFE dust bag in the lithium industry plays an important role in the production.

At the same time in the production process there are some drying process, but also be widely used.

PTFE dust filter bag bag is now the ideal environmental protection filter material in the process, new dimensional environmental protection believe that in the mass production and technical specifications under the popularization, will be more widely used in all walks of life.

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