Yuanchen technology: boiler dust filter bag dust collector paste bag phenomenon accident analysis of the causes

Jul 06, 2022

The boiler dust bag dust collector has the phenomenon of paste bag, resulting in high running resistance of pulse bag dust collector, and running resistance is an important performance index of dust collector. A high-performance, well-running pulse bag filter not only has high dust removal efficiency, but also the running resistance should be kept below 1500Pa. If the dust adhering to the filter bag cannot be effectively removed when cleaning the pulse bag type dust collector, the dust will gradually accumulate on the outer surface of the filter bag and block the bag, which not only makes the filter bag easy to break, but also increases the running resistance of the dust collector and increases the running load of the dust fan, resulting in increased operating costs. Installing differential pressure detection alarm device on the dust collector can easily monitor its operating resistance.

If the operating resistance of pulse bag filter is found to be higher than the control range, troubleshooting should be done from the following aspects:
Dust Collector Filter Bag
A Short cleaning time, cleaning cycle is too long, the dust on the filter bag can not be cleared, dust collector into the filter state, will make the operating resistance quickly rise. For pulse bag filter, the time used for dust cleaning process (i.e. pulse valve blowing time) is the dust cleaning time, adjustable within 0.05~0.5s. The time between two dust cleaning is the dust cleaning cycle, generally 0-30min.

B When the pulse bag filter processing high temperature, high humidity gas, if the operation of the gas temperature is lower than the dew point, water vapor will condense dew, so that the filter bag moisture, a large amount of dust adhered to the surface of the filter bag, blocking the pores of the filter bag, and blowing compressed air can not be removed, resulting in the filter bag paste bag. The cleaning function of the dust collector fails, the resistance is too large, and the operation condition deteriorates. To prevent the pulse bag filter from gluing bags, it is necessary to keep the processing gas temperature higher than its dew point 25~35℃.

C Pulse bag filter usually works under negative pressure, if the equipment leaks, it will suck in a lot of outside air and rainwater, making the filter bag damp and slatted, increasing the running resistance. Therefore, the dust collector should be sealed strictly, and the air leakage rate should be less than 3%.

D Pulse bag filter generally use compressed air for blowing dust, compressed air contains more oil, water, impurities, such as not purified directly into the filter bag, it will make the filter bag dirty and damp leading to condensation. If the dust collector is dealing with high temperature, high humidity gas, once sprayed into the cold compressed air, hot and cold rendezvous such as reaching the dew point temperature will produce dew on the surface of the filter bag, adhesion of a large amount of dust caused by slating.
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