Yuanchen Technology Donated Anti-epidemic Materials to Xinzhan High-tech Zone to Demonstrate the Responsibility of Private Enterprises

Apr 26, 2022
  Watch and help each other and achieve common prosperity. On April 21st, Yuanchen Technology donated anti-epidemic materials to Xinzhan High-tech Zone while doing its own protection, and made contributions to the fight against the epidemic with practical actions.

At present, the domestic epidemic situation is still complex and severe. In order to resolutely do a good job of "foreign prevention and importation", Xinzhan High-tech Zone attaches great importance to it and makes careful arrangements to ensure the life, health and safety of the people there, and effectively guarantee the normal production and operation order of enterprises during the epidemic. . In order to express gratitude and reflect the responsibility and responsibility of private enterprises, Yuanchen Technology donated 500 tents, 10,000 disposable medical tents, 200 security tapes and other anti-epidemic materials worth more than 110,000 yuan to Xinzhan High-tech Zone. Containing the spread of the epidemic and defeating the new crown epidemic contribute to the social responsibility and mission of private enterprises.

At the donation ceremony, the Management Committee of Xinzhan High-tech Zone expressed its sincere gratitude to Yuanchen Technology for its act of providing charcoal in the snow, fully affirmed the work of the enterprise for epidemic prevention and control, and emphasized that it is the selfless dedication and strong support of the caring enterprise, and more It has strengthened our confidence and strength in fighting the epidemic, and I hope that more companies will take part in the work of epidemic prevention and control, and unite together to build the Great Wall of Steel for epidemic prevention.

Mr. Chen Zhi, senior vice president of Yuanchen Technology, said that the epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. As a responsible and responsible enterprise, Yuanchen Technology must stand up, rush up, stand the test at critical moments, take the initiative to take the responsibility of epidemic prevention, and build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention. In the next step, Yuanchen Technology will overcome difficulties, work harder while doing its own anti-epidemic measures, continue to uphold the love and responsibility of "contributing to the world's environmental friendliness and human health", deeply cultivate Hefei, lead the country, sail the world, and strive to be the best Society to make more and greater contributions!

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