Yuanchen Technology——Dust removal and de-dioxin integrated filter media

Jun 13, 2022

Dioxins are produced by the incineration of domestic and hazardous waste, and the national standard stipulates that the emission concentration of dioxin-like pollutants in the flue gas of domestic waste incineration should not be higher than 0.1 ng TEQ/Nm3. dioxin-like substances are available in gaseous and solid forms. At present, waste incineration power plants mainly use activated carbon injection to absorb dioxin-like substances in flue gas. However, due to the stringent emission standards, flue gas emissions from many waste-to-energy incineration plants frequently exceed the standards.

In response to the accidental and uncontrollable occurrence of dioxin emission exceedance in waste incineration power plants, Yuanchen Technology has developed an integrated filter media for oxidation, dust removal and dioxin removal based on the integrated filter media technology of Xiaofulv and dust removal and denitrification.

The integrated filter media directly blocks solid dioxins on the external surface for physical removal, while gaseous dioxins are catalytically decomposed into harmless small molecules by the de-dioxin catalyst embedded inside the filter media.

The activity of the integrated filter media can reach more than 80% at 200~240℃, which can effectively solve the problem of excessive dioxin emissions. Like the Xiaofluorocarbon green de-nitrification integrated filter bag, the oxannihilation de-dioxin integrated filter media can be designed into single-layer, double-layer, single-layer laminated, double-layer laminated and other structures.

Yuanchen Technology will always be based on customer pain points, focus on flue gas treatment, and contribute to the blue sky and blue water, energy saving and emission reduction, ecological harmony, Yuanchen wisdom!

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