Yuanchen Technology: Exploring new directions for low-carbon emission reduction

Jul 15, 2021

In March this year, Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yuanchen Technology") successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board. This company dedicated to the R&D and industrialization of new materials for emission reduction and carbon reduction is not only the first listed company independently cultivated by Xinzhan High-tech Zone, but also the first listed company in Hefei to land on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan". Business.

1. Environmental protection technology companies are growing steadily

Founded in 2005, Yuanchen Technology focuses on the research and development and application of technologies in the field of environmental protection, and pioneers and innovates in the fields of industrial flue gas dust removal, denitrification, circular economy, and smart environmental protection.

  "We are an enterprise that has both high-efficiency dust removal filter materials and SCR denitration catalyst research and development, design, production and resource recycling." Yuanchen Technology General Manager Liang Yan said that the company continues to develop in the two major subdivisions of dust removal filter materials and denitration catalysts. Innovate and lead the development of the industry, and maintain steady growth in operating income and profits every year.

The data shows that in the past three years, corporate revenue growth has averaged 20% and net profit growth has reached 25%. Companies continue to increase investment in innovation, and R&D expenses account for more than 5% of revenue. According to reports, the company's products are highly technologically advanced, and many products are internationally advanced in technology content. In addition, the company has independently developed a smart environmental monitoring service platform and a hazardous waste online monitoring platform, committed to providing customers with full life cycle services and creating a development model for the entire industry chain.

 In recent years, Yuanchen Technology has embarked on the fast track of accelerating development and has moved towards the capital market. Relying on the continuous advancement of the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, as a comprehensive service provider of ecological environment, Yuanchen Technology continues to expand the international market, and its products are exported to Turkey, Russia, Germany, Brazil and other countries, contributing to the realization of domestic and international dual cycles.

2.Open up the development channel of the technology industry

During the epidemic prevention and control period last year, Yuanchen Technology relied on a professional technical team to successfully unlock the mask black technology through more than half a month of technical research, and developed a nanofiber microporous film for mask production.

  It is understood that the thickness of this film does not exceed 3 microns, and the micropores are evenly distributed, with an average pore diameter below 1 micron. The mask produced with this kind of nano-membrane has excellent air permeability and protection performance, and at the same time, it has a wide variety of bacteria and high efficiency, and can remove viruses and bacteria filtered outside the mask. According to the inspection by the Anhui Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute, this nano-membrane mask has an initial filtration efficiency of 99.5% for particles, which meets the standard requirements and has a stable protective effect.

  Innovation is the core of an enterprise. Yuanchen Technology has a provincial-level "manufacturing innovation center, enterprise technology center, engineering technology research center", post-doctoral research workstations and other platforms, and has established a "Yuanchen Technology Innovation Research Institute" for enterprise technological innovation. At the same time, it actively undertakes more than 10 national, provincial and ministerial-level projects, realizes the simultaneous development of scientific research and cultivation, and opens up the channel from technological innovation to industrial revitalization.

 Liang Yan, the general manager of Yuanchen Technology, said that in the future, Yuanchen Technology will continue to adhere to its original aspirations, consolidate the industrial foundation, develop new forms of circular economy, lay out new tracks in the field of materials, explore new directions for low-carbon emission reduction, and achieve "carbon uptake" at an early date. "Feng, carbon neutral" contribute to Yuanchen's strength!

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