Yuanchen Technology: Filter bag use and maintenance

Dec 07, 2022

The dust bag in use should prevent the gas from cooling below the dew point inside the bag chamber, especially if the bag dust collector is used under negative pressure. As air often leaks into the casing, the bag chamber gas temperature is lower than the dew point and the bag becomes damp, resulting in a dust dust bag in use to prevent the gas from cooling below the dew point in the bag chamber, especially when using a bag filter under negative pressure. As its shell often has air leakage, so that the bag chamber gas temperature is lower than the dew point, the filter bag will be damp, resulting in dust not loosely, but stickily attached to the filter bag, the fabric holes blocked, resulting in dust cleaning failure, so that the dust collector pressure drop is too large, can not continue to run, and some produce paste bag can not remove dust.

To prevent condensation, the temperature of the gas in the dust collector and its system must be kept higher than its dew point by 25 to 35°C (e.g. the dew point temperature of the kiln mill is 58°C and the operating temperature should be above 90°C) to ensure the good use of the filter bag. Its measures are as follows.

I Take appropriate heating measures. Such as far-infrared electric heater, electric heaters in the dust collector, or additional heaters in the bag chamber, which can appropriately improve the flue gas temperature of the host. Strengthen the temperature monitoring of the dust collector and dust removal system in order to grasp the conditions of use of the baghouse and prevent the generation of condensation.

II Reduce air leakage. Leakage of air from some gaps in the dust collector body, leakage of air from the dust collector filter bag body should be controlled at less than 3.5%. The air leakage of process equipment in the dust collector system such as the airtight ash discharge valve at the discharge port of the ball mill, the air leakage of the airtight ash discharge valve under the dust collector, the pipe flange connection, etc., are often ignored by the maintenance management personnel, thus, increasing the amount of unnecessary air leakage and deteriorating the operating conditions of the bag filter.

III Additional raw material stacking sheds. In cement production, various raw materials, fuels and mixed materials have different water content, if they are placed in a fixed pile shed to prevent rain, the water content of the materials can be greatly reduced, which is an effective measure to reduce the water content of the materials. This is an effective measure to reduce the water content of materials. In the cement factories in the south of China, this situation is relatively common, but some of the material pile sheds are too small, and some are not, therefore, causing some difficulties for the use of bag filter.

IV Do a good job of insulation and rainproofing of dust collectors, pipes and other relevant parts. Practice has proved that good insulation measures can make the difference between the inlet and outlet temperature of the bag-type dust collector very small, which is an effective measure to prevent condensation.

V The dust-containing gas should be evenly distributed in the dust collector to prevent eddy currents at the corners from reducing the amount of gas passing through here to form local low temperatures and create dew problems. The company also produces a variety of cloth bag dust collector, pulse dust collector, dust bag, dust skeleton, electromagnetic pulse valve, and other dust collector accessories, accessories products.

Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science&Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Yuanchen Technology") is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of dust bag and denitrification catalyst. Over the past sixteen years, Yuanchen Technology has always focused on the environmental protection field, and now has 4 international PCT patent applications, 28 authorized invention patents, 60 utility model patents, 21 software copyrights, 27 drafted and participated standards, 1 national achievement appraisal, and 17 new products in Anhui Province. Among them, many products such as "dust removal and denitrification integrated technology products" were awarded the Scientific Progress Award of Anhui Province. The dust removal bags (mainly PPS, PTFE, P84 and composite series filter materials) and SCR denitrification catalysts have been widely used in cement, iron and steel, glass kilns, waste incineration power generation, biomass power generation, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industries.

In the future, Yuanchen Technology will be guided by the principle of "becoming the guardian of the global ecological environment", always rooted in environmental protection and insisting on the great cause of guarding the blue sky and white clouds. Leveraging on the national ecological civilization construction pattern, we will continue to deepen our technology, optimize our management, strengthen our brand, refine our industry, and solidify our advantages, so as to create synergistic value for the industry through comprehensive and integrated governance and services.

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