Yuanchen Technology held a special knowledge lecture on "M&A Trap"

Feb 11, 2022

On the afternoon of February 10, Yuanchen Technology invited Chairman Yu Tiecheng of Guanghui M&A to give a lecture titled "M&A Trap", which improved Yuanchen's family's understanding and mastery of corporate mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, Ms. Liang Yan, General Manager, and some Anhui Zhenghe Island and the middle and senior management of Yuanchen Technology participated in the study.

The lecture "reverse development of global and Chinese mergers and acquisitions in 2021, the underlying reasons behind the wave of mergers and acquisitions in China, the emergence of tragic mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies in recent years, several important questions to ask yourself before mergers and acquisitions, the specific manifestations of mergers and acquisitions traps and case introduction", etc. Mr. Yu took the case data of mergers and acquisitions as the starting point, combined with his own experience in undertaking mergers and acquisitions, combined theory and practice, put forward his own unique views on the concept of corporate mergers and acquisitions, and explained the advantages, disadvantages and precautions of different mergers and acquisitions in simple terms. Make everyone feel that there is a lot of dry goods and a full harvest.

Corporate mergers and acquisitions and restructuring are important ways to promote companies to become bigger and stronger, improve their core competitiveness, and achieve high-quality development, but corporate mergers and acquisitions are also a high-risk investment activity. It is emphasized that in order to increase the feasibility of mergers and acquisitions and reduce the risks and losses that may arise from mergers and acquisitions, the acquirer must understand the target company as clearly and in detail as possible when making decisions; in the practice of mergers and acquisitions, the acquirer is usually a professional due diligence Master the relevant situation of the target company, especially to prevent various risks of mergers and acquisitions through the implementation of the professional system.

This lecture deeply interprets the current situation of domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions, and accurately analyzes major domestic and foreign mergers and acquisitions events. He has both macro theoretical thinking on corporate M&A research and rich experience in corporate M&A. Distinctive academic concepts, meticulous logical arguments, detailed case reasoning, and forward-looking foresight won warm applause from the audience and strengthened everyone's comprehensive understanding of corporate M&A knowledge in practical applications.

It is understood that Guanghui M&A Research Institute is China's first market-oriented research institution with capital market M&A investment as its core research field. , committed to capital market M&A investment research, exchange and training services, to build China's top "M&A think tank".

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