Yuanchen Technology's special catalyst for cement kiln flue gas denitration was successfully put into operation in Conch Cement

Sep 10, 2021

Yuanchen Technology (hereinafter referred to as "our company") cement kiln flue gas denitrification catalyst was officially put into operation on the 1# line (5000t/d) of XXX Conch Cement Co., Ltd. Chaohu Conch Cement 1# line SCR denitration is a high temperature and high dust process. Our company has recently completed a return visit to Chaohu Conch Cement. The SCR denitration system is operating stably, the catalyst meets the design requirements of the working conditions, and the NOx emission reaches the standard (the average emission value is less than 50mg/Nm3 ).

Since winning the bid for the SCR denitration catalyst project of Chaohu Conch Cement Line 1#, Yuanchen Technology has actively maintained close contact with the engineering company and the owner. The installation and other links are checked at various levels, providing the owners with high-quality products and thoughtful services.

 According to the results of the on-site return visit and the feedback from the owner, the special catalyst for cement kiln flue gas denitration produced by our company has not been blocked since it was put into operation. The ammonia consumption is lower, and the pressure difference of the three-layer catalyst is less than 300Pa. On the one hand, the catalysts provided by our company meet the needs of customers for emission reduction of pollutants, and on the other hand, they also help customers achieve energy saving and consumption reduction, and reduce carbon emissions in the production process.

Based on the successful application of Chaohu Conch Cement, Yuanchen Technology will continue to provide relevant environmental protection engineering companies and cement manufacturers with high-quality special catalysts for cement kiln flue gas denitration and satisfactory product life-cycle services to help my country The cement industry will achieve the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

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