Yuanchen Technology Sharing | Brief Analysis of Waste Incineration Filter Material

Jul 29, 2021

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out at the ninth meeting of the Central Committee of Finance and Economics: We must incorporate carbon peaking and carbon neutrality into the overall layout of ecological civilization construction, and show the strength to grasp iron, so as to achieve carbon peaks by 2030 and 2060 as scheduled. The goal of former carbon neutrality.

With a high sense of ownership, Yuanchen Technology is actively exploring for carbon reduction and emission reduction, and has developed a special filter material for waste incineration in accordance with the characteristics of industrial flue gas in the domestic waste incineration industry.

Domestic waste treatment method

There are various types of domestic garbage, and there are three main ways to deal with it. Sanitary landfill method: the advantages are the earliest application, the widest, simple process, and the lowest treatment cost; the disadvantage is that it covers a large area, the leachate and odor are difficult to solve, and the landfilled garbage cannot be fully recycled and utilized , So it is no longer the mainstream garbage disposal direction. Composting method: the advantage is that the organic matter in the domestic waste is digested by microorganisms to make it into stable humus; the disadvantage is that the composting conditions are more complicated and the cycle is longer, and it is not suitable for a large amount of waste treatment. Incineration method: The advantage is that the waste is rapidly oxidized and burned under high temperature conditions to realize waste reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness, which can effectively reduce the volume of waste by more than 90% and save land. The heat generated by waste incineration can be used for power generation ; The disadvantage is the generation of dust particles, nitrogen oxides, dioxins, etc.; the incineration method has gradually become the main method of domestic garbage disposal.

The domestic waste incineration power generation industry involves many types of technologies, including incineration, flue gas purification, fly ash disposal, etc. Among them, incineration technology determines the effectiveness of waste treatment and the economics of operation, and is the key to achieving harmless and reduced treatment. Link. The load-bearing equipment for incineration technology is an incinerator. At present, domestic waste incinerators that are widely used and mature in technology at home and abroad are mainly grate furnaces.

In 2010, there were 104 incineration plants in operation in my country, and the amount of municipal solid waste incineration treatment was about 23 million tons per year; by 2019, it increased to 401, with a treatment capacity of 120 million tons per year. In 10 years, the proportion of incineration treatment in municipal solid waste increased from 18.8% to 51.2%. As of June 1, 2020, there are a total of 455 waste incineration plants in operation in my country, and the compound annual growth rate of the number of waste incineration plants in the past five years is 15.6%. On June 10, 2020, Zhao Yingmin, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, mentioned at the press conference of the "Second National Pollution Source Census Bulletin" that during the "12th Five-Year Plan" and "13th Five-Year Plan" period (2011-2020), my country’s garbage The number of incineration plants increased by 303%, and the amount of incineration treatment increased by 577%.

In the short term, 2021-2022 will be the intensive commissioning period of incineration power generation projects, and waste incineration power generation capacity will be further released; in the medium and long term, the increase in waste calorific value and CCER transactions will increase electricity sales revenue; each province (city, district) is planning The newly added projects have sufficient production capacity, and the waste incineration power generation industry still has a large market space.

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