Yuanchen Technology solemnly held the 2022 Marketing Oath Conference

Jan 07, 2022

On January 4, Yuanchen Technology solemnly held the 2022 Marketing Oath Conference. All marketing officers are confident, ready to go, and are about to go to the front line of the market to embark on a new journey. Mr. Xu Hui, Chairman of Yuanchen Technology, Ms. Liang Yan, General Manager, and middle and senior management attended the meeting.

Mr. Xu Hui, chairman of Yuanchen Technology, pointed out that although Yuanchen Technology has completed its listing goal in 2021, this is not the ultimate goal. How to use the advantages given by capital to grow and grow requires everyone to reflect and reflect. At present, the market is in the phase of elimination and reorganization, and many companies are facing a situation of adjustment and reform, and retreat if they do not advance. As the third batch of "specialized, special and new" little giants, it shows that we have technology, technology, and foundation. If the foundation is not firmly shaken, without a solid foundation, strong execution and the joint efforts of all the staff, everything will be like a mirror in the mirror. The new year and the new weather also put forward new requirements. Faced with the marketing goals set by the company, are other departments ready? Can you help the company achieve new goals for the new year and climb new peaks for the new year?

He called on all employees to abandon old ideas, welcome new things, practice basic skills, take every step steadily, and strive to become a "specialized, special new" type of civil and military talents, and complete various tasks with ideological changes, skills upgrades, and professional enhancements. , To create a better tomorrow for individuals and companies.

 Ms. Liang Yan, the general manager of Yuanchen Technology, expressed her deep gratitude to the marketing staff for their performance and hard work in 2021, and to the marketing team for their hard work in the face of market difficulties, the courage to discover problems, pay attention to problems, not evade problems, and solve problems. The spirit is appreciated. She requires all employees to be goal-oriented, based on market expansion, seek growth points in a multi-faceted and all-round way, and earnestly place each order to achieve a good start. We must take empowering touch points as the foundation, take customer service as the center, pay attention to customer experience, and continue to improve customer satisfaction. Product planners should focus on customer research and use market penetration as a means to achieve precise definition of product requirements. It is necessary to gain insights into customer needs based on usage scenarios, conduct research in a purposeful and organized manner, and provide customers with products that exceed expectations. She inspires marketing officers to sum up last year's experience in time, accumulate and work hard, and continue to strive to achieve the new annual goal of 2022!

Recognize the crisis, make up for shortcomings, and promote change. This is a spiritual baptism, but also a rebirth from the ashes. No matter from the content and scale of the conference, or the effect and influence of the conference, the conference demonstrated the full strength of unity, hard work, and struggle.

The marketing leaders of each team introduced the team building, analyzed the work plan, and led the team to take the stage to slogan and sign the 2022 performance military order. The ceremony also arranged for the central leaders of various departments to exchange speeches and make promises for the frontline personnel to escort. Representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Trade respectively made clear work goals for this year and made statements.

  Worship but ambition, industry wide but diligence. Looking ahead, at the time of industry change, "crisis" and "opportunity" coexist. 2022 is destined to be an extraordinary year. Today's Yuanchen people are ready to face all their courage and abilities. No matter where they are, they will uphold the concept of "sprinting at the start and immediate battle at the beginning", and emphasizing on pragmatism. Virtue is the foundation and lean management is the starting point. If you don’t fight, you will win. Riding the wind and waves, unstoppable, will write a new chapter in the development of Yuanchen science and technology!

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