Yuanchen Technology: The official production of new products of composite foil

Jan 10, 2023

On December 19, Anhui Yuanchen Environmental Protection Science And Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "Yuanchen Technology") held a new product launch of Yuanchen Technology's composite foil material with the theme of "innovation-driven, ready for development" in the composite foil material industrial base on December 19, which marked the official production of Yuanchen Technology's new generation of composite fluid collection products.

Since its establishment in 2005 and landing on the Science and Technology Venture Board of the SSE in March 2021, Yuanchen Technology has been sticking to its original intention for many years and is committed to innovative R&D and high-quality development to serve the major needs of the country. While consolidating the development of the main business and continuously expanding the market share in the environmental protection new material industry, it has strategically laid out the second growth curve, relying on its long-term technology accumulation in the polymer material industry, and actively carried out the industrialization of new energy composite foil landing work, and recently completed the installation and commissioning of equipment and officially started product production, achieving milestone progress.

Mao Zhiwei, technical expert of Yuanchen Technology, said, as a technical strength in the field of materials, Yuanchen Technology has been deeply involved in the field for many years, has accumulated a lot of basic solutions in many industries, and gradually launched the layout in new materials and new energy industries. The new energy materials project was approved by the company's board of directors' decision, relying on the company's national engineering technology center, national postdoctoral research station, national engineering laboratory, joint laboratory of Chinese Academy of Sciences, joint laboratory of intellectual property rights of China University of Science and Technology and other scientific research platforms, as well as the company's technological innovation and accumulation in the field of polymer synthesis and functional membrane material preparation for many years, the project will be established in early 2021, with the national The project was initiated in the beginning of 2021, with the technical leader of the leading talents of the National Human Resources Program, and a special project team with professorial senior engineers, doctoral supervisors, doctors and masters as the main members, and project members specializing in machinery, fine chemicals, polymer chemistry, material processing, electrochemistry, coordination chemistry, AI chemical synthesis, big data and other related fields. After nearly a year of efforts, through experimental research, design and commissioning, the company has completed the first production line of composite copper foil products to reach production. The first batch of products were successfully launched today, and the performance of the launched products were tested and all indicators met the expectations. The successful launch of the composite fluid collection products is a reflection of the company's innovative achievements in the layout of new energy industry.

Xu Xiaolong, technical director of Yuanchen Technology, said in his speech that Yuanchen Technology has been facing the national major strategic needs, focusing on the design, R&D and production of new materials, insisting on independent innovation and coming out of a road of specialization and specialization. Composite collector is a new technology path in lithium battery, which can reduce the material cost and weight of traditional lithium battery collector by replacing some metal materials with polymer materials. It becomes one of the best solutions to improve the energy density of batteries with energy density, safety and cost advantages, and is expected to gradually replace the traditional copper/aluminum foil. The official launch of the composite collector products of Yuanchen Technology will inject new momentum and open a new situation for the development of China's new energy battery industry chain!

The blueprint is inspiring and the struggle is just in time. The official mass production of new products of Yuanchen Technology is the second track and the second growth curve of the company after entering the capital market, on the basis of adhering to the main channel. In the next step, Yuanchen Technology will continue to drive the development by innovation, master the core technology, solve the "neck" technical problems, provide the industry with high safety and high standard composite collector materials, and make new progress and breakthrough in the field of new energy materials.

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