Analysis of countermeasures against condensation of dust bag

Nov 17, 2021
When the moisture content in the air is constant and the temperature of the humid air is lower than the dew point temperature, moisture will be precipitated in the supersaturated air, that is, condensation will occur in the dust bag; when the air temperature is higher than the dew point, no moisture will be precipitated. There will be no condensation. In addition, if the flue gas contains SO2, the more SO2 content, the higher the dew point of the flue gas.



Solution to the condensation phenomenon ofjetpulse bag filter:


1. Reduce the air leakage of the dust collector


(1) During the production and installation process of the dust collector, the welding standard of JC/T532 must be strictly implemented to prevent the phenomenon of less welding and missing welding of the dust collector.


(2) The discharge port of the dust collector should adopt an air-locking device with good sealing performance. At present, pneumatic or electric air-locking valves are mainly used. When necessary, a dual-stage air lock device can be used. The air leakage rate of a pulse bag filter should be controlled within the range of ≤3%.


2. The stable flue gas temperature is within a small range


When the temperature of the flue gas to be processed is high, measures such as lowering the operating temperature and releasing cold air must be taken immediately; when the temperature of the flue gas is low, measures such as raising the operating temperature must be taken immediately. The flue gas temperature can be stabilized within the specified range, to ensure the normal and stable operation of the dust collector, and reduce condensation.


3. Reduce the temperature difference between the pulse blowing gas and the flue gas inside the dust collector and dehumidification treatment


At present, the commonly used gas supply routes for compressed gas in China are mainly: compressed air-gas storage tank-gas source triple-air bag-pulse valve. This air supply method has the advantages of low investment and simple equipment. However, when the outside air temperature is too low, the compressed gas is not adequately treated and condensation is easy to occur.


When the outside air temperature is too low and the air compressor station is far away, the air supply route can be: compressed air-air storage tank-air source triple-air dryer-air heater-air bag (air Insulation material is laid in the package)-pulse valve. This air supply method is fully and thoroughly dehumidified, and the temperature difference between the pulsed gas and the flue gas inside the dust collector is small, and condensation is not easy to occur. When the air compressor station is not far away, and the air filter in the air source triplet can meet the dehumidification needs, just pay attention to the air filter close to the air bag, so the air dryer can be omitted. When the temperature is too low, the air pipeline, air bag and pulse valve must be insulated to prevent condensation of compressed air and condensation from the dust collector.


4. Strengthen the thermal insulation measures of the dust collector


The housing of the dust collector must take heat insulation measures. The heat insulation of the dust collector generally uses insulation materials with low thermal conductivity, such as rock wool, aluminum silicate board, and perlite expansion rock, which have good thermal insulation performance, low water absorption, and good heat resistance. The thermal conductivity of the material generally does not exceed 0.23W/m. K. The thickness of the insulation material should be determined according to the geographical location, the local annual minimum temperature, and the annual average temperature, and it can be calculated and determined according to the calculation formula of the "control unit heat loss method".


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