Analysis of relevant standards for the design and production of dust-removing cloth bags (Part 2)

Nov 18, 2021
Sectional shape of dust filter bag

According to the cross-sectional shape of the filter bag, it is divided into three types: round, flat and special.

dust filter bag

1. Round: The dust filter bag is cylindrical. Its specifications are expressed by diameter × length, namely D × L (mm);

2. Flat shape: The filter bag of the dust collector is flat, including rectangular and trapezoidal, and its specifications are expressed by perimeter × length, namely P × L (mm);

3. Abnormal shape: the filter bag with a special shape, and its specifications are expressed by the characteristic parameters of its structure.

Filter method

According to the filtration method, it is mainly divided into two types: internal filtration and external filtration.

1. Internal filter type dust bag: After the dust-containing gas is filtered through the inner surface of the filter bag, the dust is blocked on the inner surface of the filter bag. This filtering method is called the inner filter;

2. External filter type dust collector cloth bag: After the dust-containing gas is filtered by the outer surface of the filter bag, the dust is blocked on the outer surface of the filter bag. This filtering method is called an external filter.

Normal temperature, medium temperature, high temperature, ultra-high temperature (metal 316L)

Normal temperature generally does not exceed 90 degrees, medium temperature is generally about 120 degrees, and high temperature is generally about 280 degrees.

Ultra-high temperature metal filter bag with frame metal 316L material, temperature resistance 300-600 degrees

Features of dust bag:

The fabric and design of the filter bag should strive for high-efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effects.

1. Capillary fiber oil-absorbing filter bag-consists of three parts: pre-filter layer, main filter layer and wire mesh cover. It is specially designed for effectively adsorbing grease in liquid. The void ratio in the filter material is as high as 80%, which greatly improves the service life of the product. The oil absorption is up to 12-20 times of the weight of the filter bag (specifically, it depends on the characteristics of the fluid and grease, and the flow rate)

2. Absolute precision seamless filter bag-made of pure polypropylene capillary fiber hot melt spray molding. The outer layer is a thickened deep layer filter material to provide layered filtration; the inner sleeve of a large-diameter filter element is used to further enhance the overall deep filter effect and improve the ability to contain impurities. The average service life is more than five times that of ordinary polypropylene filter bags. The highest filtering precision is 3um. The collar ring is a plastic ring.

3. Wire mesh filter bag--The optional materials include nylon monofilament mesh, polyester monofilament mesh, and polypropylene multi-strand mesh. The highest filtration accuracy is 20um. Features: Absolute filtration accuracy, high toughness, anti-damage, no fiber free, and can be used repeatedly.

Structural design: Dust collection bags are generally divided into pulse type dust collection bag, rapping type dust collection bag, and reverse blowing type dust collection bag according to the different cleaning methods.

According to different shapes, there are round bag type, flat bag type and envelope type.

The dust cloth bag also has different bag mouth and bag bottom design methods to choose from.

Production standard: The longitudinal stitches of the dust bag must be firm, straight and not less than three. The loop stitches at the mouth of the dust bag must be firm and not less than two. The loop stitches of the dust bag anti-flat loop must be firm and Each side shall not be less than two. The loop stitch at the bottom of the dust bag bag is allowed to be single thread, but must be sewn more than two turns. The length of the dust bag is ±10mm, and the stitches around the bag must be uniform. The longitudinal stitch code shall not be less than 15 stitches/250px, and the horizontal stitch code shall not be less than 12 stitches/250px; the sewn cloth bag shall not have loopholes or damage defects; the cloth bag with a diameter greater than 200mm and a length greater than 5000mm shall be subjected to a tensile test. The length should meet the requirements.

a) Continuous jumper wire is not allowed and the jumper wire in 1m suture does not exceed 1 stitch, 1 thread, 1 place;

b) No floating line;

c) Continuous lane drop is not allowed and no more than one lane drop within 1m.
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